10 Best Metal Detector Reviews in 2019 [No.1 is Pretty Awesome]

Are metal detectors worth your time? Which is the best metal detector? What interesting things have people found with them? These are just a few of many things I’ll be talking about in this article. Keep on reading, and you may find something interesting as well.

best metal detector

So let’s begin with the bare basics. A metal detector is a device or piece of technology that can detect metals that are buried underground, this is why people generally go around with them trying to find treasure and other items such as ancient relics that may bring them wealth. I won’t bore you with the technical details of how they work, but to sum everything up, it’s a pretty cool gadget for all ages.

[toc] To save your time, here’s a quick choice named Fisher F75 Metal Detector that might fit everyone choice and the budget. If you don’t find it helpful to keep reading. As we have suggested some famous yet affordable metal detector, they have been around for many years and people still continue to use them on a regular basis.

7 Best Metal Detectors Comparison Chart

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I’ll be completely honest with you, I wouldn’t consider myself to be an expert in metal detectors at all, however, I do have experience when it comes to buying terrible metal detectors.

That’s why I believe it’s helpful that I let all of you know which metal detectors are the cream of the crop so you don’t fall for the same mistake I did. All of these reviews are completely genuine and are from my own personal point of view.

1. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV – Excellent Ground Balancing

Hunting for treasure in [y] is far easier now with things such as a metal detector.

Searching for riches on your own? Then why not let the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV do the work for you? The possibilities of becoming richer without leaving your backyard are easier as ever.Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

When taking the step to find your own riches, it’s best to have the best possible equipment with you. Having the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV, the best metal tracker, your limited possibilities of becoming richer are now limitless. Whether you’re doing this just for leisure or want to come upon something special, this is the product for you.

You might ask “Why the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV?”, but all the answers you need are all there.


  • 2 Tone Audio Mode
  • Waterproof Coil
  • Pre-Set Ground Balance


  • Needs Batteries All the Way for Heavy Use

The Rugged metal detector is ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions. It doesn’t matter how deep the treasure might be you’ll still find it. This type of detection helps you find what you need, not loose unwanted metals that have been underground for years. The Disc control points out the difference between a good find and unwanted metals.

For the price and its simplicity, this tracker is best for starting up or for casual hunting. This tracker could not only get you interested but your family as well. Everything you need for happy hunting, all compacted into one of the finest metal detectors in the market. Try it for yourself and find that everything you’ve ever needed was underground this whole time.

2. QSIGWP Quick Silver – Super Easy to Use

Sets the new standard for all metal detectors on the market. Have you ever want to adventure around and have the ability to be a treasure hunter? If it’s just for the weekend or even for a year.Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver

If you want to explore in your neighborhood or around the world, you need to have the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Metal Detector in your Bags. Why miss out on that gold or antique you have always wanted to find.


  • Excellent sensitivity
  • Padded Armrest
  • Adjustable Steam
  • Low Battery Indicator


  • It’s Range Falls Short at 4 Inches

This amazing Metal Detector has so many things right with it. Starting with the 3-feet large object detector and a great 8-inch coin size detection. Built with an amazing fully automatic ground balance with squelch-tech eliminating false signals. The thing we all hate is a false signal.

Has a stunning 3 tone noise detection that makes sure you never miss that treasure. And to add to that the LCD screen is very clear to see during the day when the sun is shining bright. By far the Best Detector I have ever used.

After being in the market for a good reliable detector for months I finally have found the best one for my needs. The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Metal Detector is one of the top dogs. The light weight of only 2.8 lbs makes it comfortable for me to be on the hunt for hours without any strain. This guy will be with me for years to come. I finally have found the brand and tool I need to find that treasure I’ve been dreaming about my whole life.

3. Bounty Hunter Time Ranger – Best for Professional

Let me start out by saying this is the one, that is not the finest metal detector I have ever used. I’ve been looking and searching for treasure my whole life in over 35 countries and spend most of my time in Peru looking for old ancient In can gold.Bounty Hunter Time Ranger

I’ve been through many detectors and many brands over the years, but I have finally found the best. I have found gold and antiques all over but with the bounty hunter time ranger metal detector, my time has come. I’ll never miss out on any type of metal under my feet.


  • Largest LCD Readout
  • LED Battery Strength Indicator
  • 3-Tone Audio Discrimination
  • Treasure Depth Detection
  • Programmable Operation System


  • It Is a Professional Metal Detector, and You Will Need Some Time to Get Used to the Product.

With its 8-inch Bounty D-tech search coils that feature Ground Trac, which automatically balances the detector to the soil conditions. My favorite feature of this machine is its touch pad, which definitely makes this the coolest metal detector out. With its fully programmable screen makes it so much simpler to have pre-set functions at the ease of a touch.

The screen is so clean and reads all the information you need from target ID, sensitivity level, depth, iron level discrimination, a ground balance monitor and of course the battery level. The most fun feature is the sniff mode which lets you program a certain metal and only look for that one certain treasure.

Like I stated before I’ve gone through many detectors over the years and after using the Bounty Hunter TIMERANGER Metal Detector I’ll never choose another detector when you find the best one why change it. The treasure here I come!

4. Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver – Perfect for Searching in Wet Sand and Grass

Bounty Hunter QSI Quick SilverWhen I was a kid I had a reoccurring dream that I was an explorer, I traveled the world looking for treasure. Every day on an adventure looking for gold and hidden gems.

Like everything you grow up and realize that life is very different. But I still dream of those fantasies of travel and treasure.

Been married for five years now and my wife came home with one of the best gifts I could ask for, the Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver. She said now I can be a real treasure hunter.


  • 8-inch waterproof search-coil
  • One-touch sensitivity control
  • 3-Tone audio identification
  • Easy to view LCD display


  • The Detector Isn’t Capable of Coping with Soils with High Mineral Content.

After opening the box and reading the directions I was very scared I would not know how to use this amazing machine, but I was wrong. Within 20 minutes of unboxing the detector, I felt like a professional.

I was ready to find the treasure that has been waiting for me my whole life. This detector is one of the finest metal detectors for beginners. The detector is the best with how easy it is for a newbie like me to use.

All I need to say is this is the best one on the market and even better if you are like me and are new to the detector world. My dream has finally come true thanks to my wife and Bounty Hunter and their one of the best units for me. I’ll let everyone know when I finally found what I have been dreaming about my whole life.

5. Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof – Ideal for Underwater Treasure Hunt

Have you ever wanted to go to the beach and dive under the water and search for that long lost treasure? I’ve always had that dream and imagine myself doing that. But where could I find the right product to help me?Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing

I didn’t even know where to start looking, who do I go to, what brand? Questions filled my head. One day a friend told me about this metal detector available for my situation. I was a Newbie and I wanted something for under the water. He told me about the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT waterproof pinpointing detector.


  • Beep and Silent Mode
  • Waterproof Pinpointing
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Pinpoints Multiple Targets
  • Led Flashlight for Low Light Uses


  • Very Small in Size
  • Consume More Battery

After I bought this amazing machine I started using it right away and was blown away by its great features. Being waterproof up to 10 feet adds to the list of important features.

A 360-degree side scan, 3 sensitivity levels for those small coins, it pinpoints multiple targets and the awesome scraping blade that is connected to the detector makes this the all-around better metal detector for me. It has and does everything I could ask for. Oh, and when I need some light when I am 10 feet below the water it has a built-in flashlight to make sure I don’t miss a thing.

I have been using the Garrett pro-pointer AT metal detector for weeks now and I don’t plan to stop using it. Its light, small, fun to use and one day will make me rich. It’s perfect for anyone. I advise everyone to make sure you have this machine close to you if you are by the water.

6. Bounty Hunter Lone Star – Best for Dig in the Sand at the Beach

Are you in the market for the metal detector for a great and reasonable price? Do you love those weekend trips where the family plays in the lake and you go around looking for old coins and precious metals?Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro

I have just the detector for you. It’s by far the best metal detector on the market for the explorer with a budget.

With a state of the art design that boasts a 9 target ID category that helps you target before you dig. The built-in graphics target depth indicator tells you the depth of the object that is buried. And the amazing multiple notch window allows you to reject entire categories of unwanted targets.


  • Targeted Depth Indicator
  • Accurate Target Response
  • Good for the Price
  • Very Lightweight and Easy to Assemble


  • Doesn’t Detect Metal Through Water

We all hate getting those metals that are meaningless and a waste of our time. With a weight of only 2.4 lbs, it’s durable but still light enough to be comfortable for hours. The best part of the Bounty hunter company is its great 5-year warranty. And of course Made in America.

A Great Metal detector on the market is the Bounty Hunter Lone Pro. It has all the features, a great price range and the build and comfort is extraordinary. If you want the best make sure you order one today and start your adventures as a true treasure hunter.

7. Discovery 1100 Metal Detector – Reasonable Price

Do you think it’s cliche seeking treasures in your garden? Think again. Discovery 1100 Metal Detector DISC11 is more than a search tool, it is also a team that gives you the opportunity to detect a host of things like coins, medals, relics and more.

Discovery 1100 Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 Metal Detector DISC11 combines modes, segments and target identification among other modalities that make it the best metal detector.

So either a walk along the beach or an afternoon in your yard, the chances that the Discovery 1100 Metal Detector DISC11 help you find a treasure multiply and make you happy.


  • One-Touch Depth Control
  • Push Button Discrimination
  • Automatic Ground Balancing
  • Digital Target Display
  • Difference Sounds for Different Metals


  • It’s Made Entirely of Plastic


And that is what has the New Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 Metal Detector DISC11 do it the best metal detecting? To begin detects objects with greater depth and length of your detector common metals. Its design and digital target identification help you detect metals serve you and not just find junk.

It makes it the most modern and easy to use, no need to charge with a semi-noisy mower. This is the latest metal detector that molds to your needs. Apart it is waterproof and has an interchangeable oil system that makes it even more friendly and comfortable.

Ergonomic design and attractive is not only its most interesting quality. It is the inner mechanics of this Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 do it the better metal detector. What you’re interested in is what you’ll find without limitations and security to find the best treasures.

8. Land Ranger Pro – Impressive Performance at a Budget Price

Thursday Throwback anyone? Bounty hunter it’s not off the list, it’s a way to make you sensational richer. But for that, you need the best tool like the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector.

This is the best metal detector on the market right now because it has the highest technology and design to explore any area in search of a treasure.

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro

Whether you´re an expert in the area or the Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector comes with a list of qualities that make it modern and attractive just as you want to find.


  • High Sensitivity
  • Fully Programmable
  • Computerize Ground Balance
  • Variable Notching System
  • Waterproof and Lightweight Metal


  • A Bit of Complicated


The New Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Land Ranger Pro has a depth indicator that will double the chances of finding what you want. Aside from having a V-Tone Break Variable Breakpoint that makes it even more reliable.

Just as a sharp balancing system to compute the ground of the area where you are. All this to fit your needs, with also the advantage of finding different types of materials at a great distance no matter the notch width.

For an affordable price and considering it is the standard metal detector, Bounty Hunter New Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector is the tool that you need to find treasures in the most hostile or unstable places. The metal detector will be the best for you and your family, why not just anyone can use it because of its flexibility but that also will find a treasure to your height.

9. Discovery 3300 Metal Detector – Great Features for a Very Reasonable Price

Searching for hidden treasure is far easier in today’s day and age than ever before with tools such as the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector.

Discovery 3300 Metal Detector

Whether a beachcomber, looking for hidden gems in your backyard, treasure or relic hunting, or using it in efforts to bring upon riches, this is the best metal detector for you. With its use, you will have an unlimited possibility of finding hidden gems.


  • Numeric Depth Indicator
  • Deepest Detection
  • No-Motion Pinpoint Mode


  • It’s Loud

First off, it includes the feature of automatic or manual ground balance allowing the user to have higher success rates in more adverse ground conditions. It has the ability to detect an object as small as a coin up to 8 inches.

It also includes a deep-seeking one-touch pinpoint mode that allows for detection’s of objects extremely deep in the ground and the exact locations of the objects. A few other features are the 4-tone audio that includes unique tones for each different type of metal it detects, 5-modes of operation for easier use, a discrimination system that eliminates unwanted metals such as rusty nails, and it is waterproof.

Because of its amazing features, this is a good choice for someone experienced in the field looking to become more successful. Everything you need in a metal detector is compacted into The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 making it one of the finest metal detectors on the market. It is sure to satisfy your needs and help you land some hidden underground gems.

10. QD2GWP Quick Draw II – Great Item with Good Price

Searching for hidden treasure is far easier in today’s day and age than ever before with tools such as the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Detector.QD2GWP Quick Draw II Metal Detector Whether using it for leisure activities to see if there are any hidden gems in your backyard or using it in efforts to bring upon riches, this is a good metal detector for you. With its use, you will have an unlimited possibility of finding coins, jewelry, buried artifacts, bullets, and other hidden gems.


  • Auto Notch Mode
  • 3-Level Iron Discrimination
  • 5-Years Limited Warranty


  • Sound Level
  • Weight

You might be asking yourself why the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector is the best one for you. First off, it can detect coins up to 8 inches deep and larger objects up to 3 feet deep allowing you the ability to find very valuable objects.

The detector has a 3-level iron discrimination system that allows it to detect the wanted artifacts and eliminate the unwanted. It includes an LCD touch-screen that helps pinpoint the exact location of valuables found. This detector also has the ability to identify between metal and iron and is waterproof.

For its price and simplicity, this is a great enough option for you. Everything you will need is surely included in the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Detector and will help you become successful in your search for hidden underground gems.

Why We Should Buy a Metal Detector In [y]?

Is buying a metal detector something that interests you? That’s great! It’s a nice passing time and it’s a lot of fun! But you’ll want to find a good metal detector that functions well. Believe it or not, there’s plenty of metal detectors out there that can’t even do the very thing they are designed to do, and some break within a matter of a month or two.

That’s not something you want, especially noting that you’ll be paying a decent amount for one. Well, “what is a good metal detector?” Well, there’s plenty of good ones out there, but I’ll be going over some of the best metal detectors you can buy in [y] and telling you why they are better than your average metal detector further into the article.

Best Places to Go Metal Detecting

So let’s say you’ve got your metal detector and everything else needed, and you’re ready to go, where do people tend to go when using a metal detector?

The most common places people go searching are as followed:

  • Beaches
  • Gardens
  • Parks
  • Fields
  • Woods and Other Footpaths

That’s not to say you can’t metal detect anywhere you want, but if you stick to the above locations, you won’t get in trouble for any legal reasons. So before you go ahead and rush into a metal detector, make sure you’re fairly close to a few of these locations so you’ll at least get your money’s worth. If you only plan to use it in your garden, then it really isn’t worth your time.

It’s also important that you buy one that supports the type of terrain you’re going to be detecting. Some metal detectors won’t work on the wet ground, whereas some will.

NOTE: You’ll need a permit to search for beaches and parks, luckily they’re very easy to obtain, so no worries there!

How Often Are You Going to Using It?

Do you plan on being a casual or an enthusiast? Depending on how often you are going to be using your metal detector can play a part in choosing which model you want and how much you’re willing to pay for one.

It comes to no surprise that not all metal detectors are the same, some look different than others, some are differently sized, and more importantly, some are built in with different features. If you only plan to occasionally take a walk with it down the beach, then you don’t necessarily need the coolest metal detector out there. Keep this in mind before purchasing one.

Who’s Going to Be Using the Detector?

As I just mentioned, metal detectors come in different sizes. This is why you need to consider a few things before choosing the size you want. Firstly, you need to make sure that you don’t buy one that’s too big. Buying one that’s too small isn’t much of an issue, but buying one too big can ruin your experience.

You should also consider whether someone such as a child will be using it at all. This is when you should consider buying a smaller sized one. Amazing for kids, and not too bad for adults either. But if your kids using it isn’t something that comes into consideration, then do some research and find the size that works for you!

What Is Your Budget?

This goes back to what I said earlier, are you somebody that wants to use a metal detector a lot or just occasionally? Regardless of your intentions, you want a metal detector that functions and doesn’t disappoint you.

However, you don’t want to buy one that has everything that you don’t need. If you’re serious about metal detecting, you might want to consider investing in a high end one, as they are usually a lot better and have more features to keep you motivated. With that being said, you don’t want to buy a $30 metal detector.

Why? Because that’s a toy, not a piece of technology. You get what you pay for.

What Do You Plan on Finding?

Do you plan on finding gold nuggets? Or perhaps old civil war relics? Or maybe something small like coins? This is something you really need to think about before purchasing your first metal detector.

Each metal detector has a difference frequency, which put simply, determines how deep a metal detector can search underground. Things such as coins won’t require a lot, but more exotic items will probably be buried fairly deep and will require a powerful metal detector.

Here’s a list of some cool things that have been found by people using metal detectors!

  • A gold nugget with 132 pieces of gold inside of it
  • 12-inch-long gold nugget which looked similar to a boot
  • A Roman coin used in 155BC
  • Gold iron age necklace
  • 10 gold bars worth over $100,000!
  • Bronze age axe head
  • A meteor that had been buried for 10,000 years and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions on Metal Detectors

Most Recently Asking Question and Answer by Users Given Below:

Q. Can I Find Gold with a Metal Detector?

A. Yes, for sure the gold can be detected with the metal detector, but for this, you have to buy a specific metal detector to find gold. You can find the best gold detector from here.

Q. Can Metal Detector Detect Magnet?

A. No, metal detectors are made to detect metal those do not detect magnets. As the metal detectors work on eddy currents that are made with metals where a coil drives the radio frequency oscillator to find metals.

Q. What Does a Metal Detector Find?

A. A metal detector can detect nickel, iron, brass, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, tin, lead, and bronze. These are made to find buried metal objects such as jewelry, coins, and other metal objects.

Q. What is a Metal Detector and How Does It Work?

A. A metal detector is an electronic machine that made to detect buried metals. It works when electricity flows from the transmitter coil, it generates a magnetic field all around it. When we sweep the detector over the metal object, it indicates availability.

Q. What Metals Can Be Detected by a Metal Detector?

A. Usually, we can find iron, gold, silver, bronze, copper, aluminum, bars, lead and many other metal objects. It will take approximately 50% more of a non-ferrous metal to be as detectable as a ferrous metal.

Q. Can You Find a Diamond with a Metal Detector?

A. As the name suggested, metal detectors as a diamond is not a metal object so we cannot detect diamond with this. However, a metal detector can help you indicating minerals, which are used by prospectors. Prospectors follow the pointer trail back to gold or the volcanic pipe which may contain diamonds.

Q. Are Metal Detectors Safe?

A. Health Physics Society study proves that metal detectors are safe to use. However, pregnant women can be affected by it if she used it for the long term.

Q. How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Metal Detector?

A. It all depends on your need, how often you want to use your metal detectors and what you want to find with it. These start at $500 and go to $30,000.


So now that you know which is the metal detector best for you? Join the timeless and forever expanding hobby of searching for potential riches with metal detectors, and why not start with a good one to get the ball rolling?

Let’s face it, a watered down product of any sort is a problem that nobody wants to experience, but luckily you’re in the right place to avoid that happening. Take a look at the metal detectors I have just talked about above, you won’t find any better elsewhere.

You see, buying anything is not that tough as it sounds. Yes, you might have to spend an hour or two in researching but that will save you a lot of time at the end of the day. Things like metal detectors are delicate and therefore, you should make sure that you are buying the right one. Obviously, you do not want to miss a golden opportunity only because your metal detector wasn’t able to provide you the beep!

DID YOU KNOW: You can actually find lost items in the house with a metal detector? Yep, anything that’s a conduct of metal can be detected by your metal detector, which I’ll tell you from experience, is a huge helping hand when you least expect it. It’s honestly nice to have something like that laying around. Things such as lost jewelry can be found.

I think I’ve said enough. Go on, get out of here! and pick a metal detector from the list above up today for the best experience!