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The Basic Definition of a Metal Detector

A metal detector is something electronic and metallic device that can detect the metal or metal-like objects. Generally, It can detect the targeted objects from a certain distance on the setting beforehand. According to the best metal detector reviews, it can also trace the metal-made objects underground or under water. Otherwise, the metal detector interacts well with the other digital options installed on it.

The   Anatomy of Metal Detector

Metal detector has some useful parts to integrate to detect the metallic objects. So, all that parts of a metal detector remain functional during searching the assigned objects are:

  • Handle: The handle is used to control the metal detector during an operation on.
  • Control box/housing : It's a CPU of a metal detector. It mainly translates the signals that detects the search coil and sends it to control box. The control box turns the signals into helpful information graphically with sound and displays it on the display monitor.
  • Shaft: A standard-sized adjustable hollow pipe that holds the round shaped-search coil underneath it. Otherwise, the electric cables are used for passing current from control box to search coil. So, the cables are twisted around the long shaft.
  • Search coil: During searching the targeted objects, it needs passing the current to create an electro-magnetic field all around the searching areas. So, the searching coil then makes itself as an electromagnetic field with the electric power supplied from control box. Generally, a metal detector has two coil circuits. To send the electricity to make an electro-magnetic field on the searching object. Other coil is to reply back for presence of searching objects if found.
  • Headphone jack : It consists a jack to connect the earphone. Because when the metal detector gets reached of the targeted object, then it sends a signal. The earphone helps it to hear in through headphone jack. The headphone is mainly used in noisy places.
  • Display unit: This part of the metal detector shows all the information during a searching operation. The searching frequency, depth of the target ID, aspect of the metal objects, density of the minerals etc.
  • Arm cuff: It maintains the balance of the metal detector. It actually sets well the detector's stem into the arm. As a result, it becomes easy to use the metal detector for a long hour of searching operation.

Types of Metal Detector Based on Searching Performance

The modern design of the metal detector gets its advanced features from the concepts of the first invented one by Graham Bell in 1881. Since then, the scientists have been investing their efforts and money to get the device more useful and cost-effective. The metal detector, however, generally works on the two concepts- electricity and magnetism. There are three basic types of metal detector based on their searching performance are:

1. Very Low Frequency Detector (VLF):

VLF is a high-end-technology used in metal detectors. The technology consists two round searching coils on metal detector. One is transmitter or sender and the other is receiver. However, during searching operation, the transmitter releases a low-frequency electro-magnetic field on the searching area. And, if anything found in the searching area, then the receiver receives the reflected electro-magnetic field fallen down the metal objects and send it to the display unit to show.

Instantly you can hear a beep sound on sending the information by receiver coil. Because this type of metal detector has an electronic circuit is commonly known as tuner. So, It filters the signals and send it to the receiver. Suppose, you are looking for gold or silver, and fortunately you get it. Then the tuner will confirm you it as aluminum or steel. Then the display unit will show the exact result. So, your operation for gold or silver is successful here.

2. Pulse Induction Detector (PID):

The pulse induction works well for searching things in deeper ground. This type is also used for security measure at any military or police checkpoints. They use it for a capture of illegal weapons in-out. It has only a single searching coil system. So, it only emits an electro-magnetic field to the targeted object. By the by, if it can sense the object targeted, it then sends an audio tone to the metal detector user. It gives result accurately. So, the item is a bit costly to purchase. Because mainly the government personnel use it.

3. Beat Frequency Oscillation Detector (BFO):

This is a kind of weak version of the metal detector. It is in a first choice for electronic shops that can be found objects ranging within two feet. This way it work same as the VLF detector type. So, it has two searching coils. They function like VLF. But the main specialty is that it can send a different types of sound according to the different types of objects' structure. But a question arises about the accuracy of finding objects from trashy area. It also is very expensive as well.

How a Metal Detector Works?

According to the best metal detector reviews, a metal detector has generally two round coils to use. One is sender or transmitter coil and the other is receiver coil. So, one of the coils mainly receives an electromagnetic current from control box. And it creates an electromagnetic circle all around it.

Now, if you sweep the detector forth and back, the electromagnetic circle will smell the object. And instantly, the electro-magnetic circle flows a current inside the metal object you searching for. So, then the receiver coil will recognize the object and transmit the information of the detected metal object on the display unit with different sounds according to the types of object. It's really awesome to use.

The applications of a metal detector

A detector is not only a thing to apply for a particular goal to achieve, but also a hobby. Because the human beings are made of some physical and mental demands. The reciprocal interact between the two demands (mental and physical) helps man to live on the earth. Perhaps, to meet the demands either physical or mental, we adopt the different types of hobby unleashed.

However, here, the metal detecting is a hobby as well as an indispensable helping part of our busy life. So, before being madly to satisfy your demand for a metal detector, have a closure look to the best metal detector reviews and applications that I collected from the experienced professional stems and friends online.

The chart below is a glimpse of fields of using the metal detectors

Fields of metal detection

Detection for

Users' group

All purposes

Gold, silver, coin, lost metal on beach etc.

Hobbyists, general people

Historic purposes

Antiques, relics, artifacts etc.

Historian, archaeologist

Under-water search

Metal objects at beaches or underwater

Naval personnel or hobbyists, divers

Construction farms

iron rod during wiring, Testing steel in concrete etc.

Civil engineers

Airport security

Illegal guns, knives, weapon, explosives, arms etc.

Airport authority

Food processing industries

Metal bits in food stuff

Food stuff processing authority

Geological purposes

Rock and metallic objects under soil etc.


Office (hospital, industry etc)

Harmful metal-made stuff, radio, mobile etc.

Office authority

Public parks and gardens

Combing metallic objects

Park authority

Sports grounds

Clearing metallic objects

Sports authority

School, college, laboratory etc.

Metal or metal like objects

Relevant authority

The above chart now helps you to decide of which user group you fall on. So, here you should obviously be clear and determined about your perspectives of using the metal detector. Let's listen to the best metal detector reviews.

The Metal Detectors Surveillance as Watchdog for a Tight Security

The use of metal detector varies place to place. On the other hand, the accurate detecting result is very important as a security measure. So, for searching easiness, there are two forms of checking the people by using the metal detector. This are-

a. Walk-through metal detector:

Suppose, at a busy entrance, it is impossible to use the hand held metal detector for every individual coming in and out.

So, here, the 'Walk-through' metal detector is very suitable to screen the people easy. It automatically can read the metal object and give signal straight away. It also warns people saying as 'Stop' or 'Go'.

b. Hand-held metal detector:

Whereas, the handheld metal detector is used at the thin crowded area. This sort of metal detector is used to detect metal from person to person.

So, like Walk-thorough metal detector, it also responds in beeping when it gets metal in screening shot the people

The Very Important Features you Must know of a Metal Detector

Every individual feature of a technology acts for a particular part of a job to be done. So, a bunch of features mainly masters the whole performance of the device. Perhaps, the metal detector, a simple taming cat-like digital device has some stunning features liable to work well. And I'm here to discuss the most high-lighted and interesting features of the best metal detector reviews below-

1. Eliminating or ignoring an unexpected object:

It is a self-decided feature of a good metal detector. On searching operation, when the search coil passes an electro-magnetic field through an object, then the indicator of the metal detector sounds with a particular types of tone for the particular types of object. So, you can eliminate or ignore your unexpected objects by setting the 'elimination mode'. Then the audio system will let you hear only about your targeted object. It's fine at all.

2.  Discrimination mode:

A one of the awesome features that generally incorporates a metal detector. The word 'Discrimination' generally means to consider a thing from at least range to a higher range or to ignore completely for a specific objective in the line. So, in terms of detecting metal, when a metal detector produces different types of tone for different types of metal, hence we can say the indicator of metal detector is discriminating the object by producing different types of sound for the different types of object. To eliminate any object is also a discriminating the object by the indicator. However, you can take variation for a particular object in searching operation.

3.  Ground balancing setting:

We know the 'soil' contains variety types of minerals in the swift run of time. So, the earth surface is a mixture of tones of minerals as well. But during detecting to a target-object, we can set up the ground balance to ignore the unexpected objects in the view of metal detector. As a result, the indicator of the metal detector will sound only for the object you targeted beforehand. So, it's a funny setting for the treasure hunters at beach point.

4.  Pinpoint mode:

For the underground metallic objects, pinpoint mode helps to find out the exact location of the objects. So, in a searching operation, when a target is identified, then pinpoint mode gives more information about the object's actual shape, size and accurate location. As a result, it becomes easy to pick the object up.

5.  0-99 target ID:

The display unit of the metal detector shows 2-digit of electrical conductivity and sound after finding a target. The number basically represents the accuracy of the targeted objects. So, the higher the number represents the more accuracy of the targeted object.

6. Graphic target depth indicator:

The graphic display board shows the possible detection of the metal objects and its possible depth in inches. It's a superb edition for the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro and others.

7.  3-tone audio ID:

This metal detector incorporates with 3-Tone ID. It makes three different types of sound according to the structure of the metals. Say for example, low tones for iron type, medium tones for gold type and high tones for silver type. The wonderful 3-tone audio ID has featured the product eye-catching and popular worldwide.

8.  Notch discrimination:

The notch discrimination is mainly for a variable signal for the variety types of object. It sounds differently for the different sorts of object. So, the feature eyes different things in different ways. This is its accuracy and specialty.

9.  Sensitivity setting:

It indicates the responding ability of a metal detector. When the electro-magnetic range of a detector focuses on the searching object, then the sensitivity mode helps to pass the relevant information about the object. So, for a small object, the sensitivity setting should be a bit higher to reach the object. So, the standard setting of the sensitivity gives good result on detecting operation.

10. Adjustable depth setting:

You can adjust the depth setting for a particular detectable job. The separate adjusting modes are available with the different sorts of depth indicators. So, the depth indicators calculate in inches (1",2",....8" etc.). It is clear that you can target the depth for a metal object in inches as well.

11.  Coin depth indicator:

It means the metal detector can reach up to the particular depth for coin. So, under this setting, you can only search for the coin skipping the other issues at the same time. Therefore, the setting includes four different depth indicators of 2", 4", 6" and 8 or more inches. So, under this distance (in inches) the detector indicates the depth for coin by inches ( e. g. 2 or 4 or 6 or 8-inch).

12.  Headphone jack:

The headphone is used for hearing the sound of indicator when an object is detected on searching operation. However, It helps user to identify the object easily. It is used only for searching things at noisy areas.

What metal reader is the best for you?

However, you are firm and ready to click for shopping a metal detector from a marketplace you like. But, have you ever judged in minded which to take on? Or which is the best for you? If not, just walk behind me and follow the details below. In case of being a new user, first of all you should know about each of the parts and their functionalities of a metal detector. That I already have mentioned above. As your decision is pending to select the right match, hence, read down to know more about the best metal detector reviews and choose the best one.

There are Detailed List of Some Best Metal Detector Reviews

The product reviews and the name of brands are mostly important thing especially for new buyers. Though it is helpful for both old and new buyers at the same time. Because the buyers always require the updated information about the product they want. So, there are some best products and their brands are detailed below:

1. Fisher gold bug pro metal detector:

Fisher's versatile type metal detector is really a skilled spy to find out the smallest gold nuggets from the trashy places. It applies its very low frequency (VLF) to sense gold nugget in thickly mineralized soils. Otherwise, the variable tone discrimination system helps user to select the setting for a specific object to search. Furthermore, to take a depth count, it has a computerized ground balancing system. So, by setting the ground balance, you can define of what deeper your metal detector's sensor is reaching into. This is very enjoyable as well. The audio setting with the all discrimination modes tells the type of objects is targeted. It seems works like a human brain. In one word, Fisher's gold bug pro metal detector is really helpful to the hobbyists and household workers.

  • Product name: Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal detector
  • Model no: GOLDBUG-PRO
  • Dimensions: 10.20 x 6.20 x 28.50 -inch
  • Weight: 2.5-lbs
  • Power supply: One 9-volt alkaline battery
  • Operating Frequency: 19KHz
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty
  • Made in: USA

Perhaps, the reviews of the above mentioned product tells to the interested people to make immediately a way for a happy booking then and then!

2. Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector:

The Quick Draw Pro is a very proactive device for searching the metal objects on the surface or beneath the surface. The detecting accuracy is really praiseworthy. So, you will not understand about all of the features unless you use it. The reasonable priced multipurpose metal detector has 10'' Concentric and waterproof search coil. It has a control panel with analog and touchpad facility. For a good potential target depth, the indicator perhaps, helps to balance the detector against the ever-changing soil condition.

  • Product name: Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Metal detector
  • Model no: PROQD
  • Dimensions: 45 x 8 x 14 -inch
  • Weight: 2.8-lbs
  • Power supply: One 9-volt alkaline battery
  • Operating Frequency: 7.69KHz
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty
  • Made in: USA

So, you now got known to the details about the bounty Hunter Quick Draw. And I suggest you not to face back from your position. Just have a one as a Christmas gift.

3. Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector

The Garrett Ace 150 is a high-end technology in the world of metal detector. The Garrett Ace series of the metal detector dresses the modern tech shorts for its lovers worldwide. The features that claim as the most innovative are the notch discrimination, pinpointing, adjustable sensitivity and the depth setting mode. The searching coil of the new edition is very keen to catch the object targeted by the user. So, I suggest having one to enjoy for life.

  • Product name: Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector
  • Model no: 1138070
  • Dimensions: 22 x 11 x 5 -inch
  • Weight: 4.1-lbs
  • Power supply: 4 AA Batteries
  • Operating Frequency: 7.69KHz
  • Color: Mixed (yellow and black)
  • Warranty: 2-year limited warranty
  • Made in: USA

However, according to the useful features of the device, the Garrett Ace 150, a wonderful digital pet is most wanted to me. So, I recommend you paying for the amazing digital assistant for you.

4. TeKnetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

The Teknetics Delta-4000 is a decent metal detector for all. Because its superb performance includes the gold nuggets prospecting, coin shoots, artifacts searching, relic hunting etc. Otherwise, the model integrates all the important features such as LCD display, Target ID, Depth indicator, 3-tone audio discrimination and target depth from 0-8-inch. No doubt, it's a special invention in the era of metal detecting.​

  • Product name: Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector
  • Model no: DELTA-PL
  • Dimensions: 11.2 x 6.5 x 40 -inch
  • Weight: 3.5-lbs
  • Power supply: One 9-volt alkaline Battery
  • Operating Frequency: 7.8KHz
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty
  • Made in: USA

I therefore, got the best match for a treasure hunter as well. The features and performance of the Teknetics Delta 4000 are quite deniable. So, on getting the marvelous detector, become a winner of the year.

5. Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Fisher F75 is a latest technology for metal detector. The LCD displays the target ID during metal detecting work. The multi-purpose metal detector combines all the features for hunting relics, shooting coils and prospecting the gold material. Otherwise, the pinpoint setting, ground cancellation, discrimination modes are available with product features. The ergonomic and light weight device is really a demand of time for the detecting operation. In a word, it's really a good item of the modern technology in the marketplace.

  • Product name: Fisher F75 Metal Detector
  • Model no: F75
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 11.5 x 52 -inch
  • Weight: 4.7-lbs
  • Power supply: 4 AA Batteries
  • Operating Frequency: 7.6KHz
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty
  • Made in: USA

However, in searching a best metal detector, I found Fisher's F75 with full functionalities at all. So, in my views, this is definitely a contemporary one for beginners or professionals.

6.  Garrett Pro-Pointer Metal 1166000

The Garrett Pro-Pointer is programmed with the detection ability of 3600 side scan area. The sleek design metal detector includes the pinpoint mode, audio or vibration bit rate, target ID and object discrimination mode. The soft touch operating easiness device is a lucrative one to all of the metal detector lovers worldwide. So, stay tuned with the Garrett pro. And I recommend wasting no time any longer for a leap to catch one immediately.

  • Product name: Garrett Pro-Pointer Metal 1166000
  • Model no: 1166000
  • Dimensions: 9.6 x 2.4 x 2.3 -inch
  • Weight: 10.4-oz
  • Power supply: One 9-volt Battery
  • Operating Frequency: 7.6KHz
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 2-year limited warranty
  • Made in: USA

When a marathon race for a good collections of a set of metal detectors, I successfully met some of my experienced friend-users. So, according to their suggestion, I enlist this product in the top list and recommend you shaking all the hesitation for money.

7.  Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D

For mastering the detecting program, the Bounty Hunter Junior is exceptional type of detecting kit. Its frequency can reach to 5-inch deeper for a coin-sized object and much deeper for the bigger ones. The 3-point target ID gives the estimate of the types of the object before you start digging down. Otherwise, it gives signal to ignore unwanted objects. And the depth indicator, an amazing feature warns you of how deeper the buried object is. It's really wonderful to use as a hobbyist-minded one.

  • Product name: Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D
  • Model no: Junior T.I.D.PL
  • Dimensions: 9 x 6.5 x 31 -inch
  • Weight: 1.1-lbs
  • Power supply: 2 AA alkaline Batteries
  • Operating Frequency: 6.6KHz
  • Color: Blue and Green
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
  • Made in: USA

So, Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D may be the best one for you. The features and the working performance, as I know, are in the top of the reviews, Says a bunch of common reviews on the product.

8.  White TREASUREPro Metal Detector

When you are affordably immovable for a metal detector, the White Treasure Pro may be a best match for you. The 10-inch searching coil is so much ergonomic to detect the target you set during searching the objects. The ground balance mode of the detector will help you to ignore the unwanted huge minerals at the beach side. Otherwise the automatic ground balance mode indicates the ground condition while to find things deeper and deeper. As a result, your treasure hunting operation comes easy to an end. The 5-search modes and a VDI number on the display will show the result of your searching status. What more?

  • Product name: White TREASUREPro Metal Detector
  • Model no: 800-0346
  • Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 44 -inch
  • Weight: 3.0-lbs
  • Power supply: One 9-volt Battery
  • Operating Frequency: 6.69KHz
  • Color: Black and yellow
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty
  • Made in: USA

However, the TreasurePro is also a running mate in the long race of the best metal detectors. Though all the devices hold the same features and performance, after that your buying capacity will decide which to buy. So, I will appreciate your right choice amongst the products I mentioned above.

Pending your decision to ending

As of now, you were staring at the whole details of the best metal detector reviews. Perhaps, I have tried to extract and present some important information on the metal detector before you. Otherwise, I also have a fair concentration to expose all about your interest in the metal detecting experience in this article. So, I literally have discussed every sphere of metal detector to let you know as my near guest.

Therefore, a metal detector that does generally have the features I sketched in the reviews article are clear to you. And I expect you have understood well my tender efforts and have a good sense to take part for your side. And my earnest recommend leaving your comment on having your best one from the list of products I reviewed for you. So, stay tuned on metal detection to explore the new world of the new experience to get you enjoying forever.