Things you Must Consider Before Metal Detecting

It doesn’t matter you are going to choose a metal detector as a hobby or want to be a pro in this industry. I would suggest choosing your metal detector with incentive care. As per my opinion, the best metal detector is the one that fits your needs. It all depends on the budget, requirements and the place where you want to go to locate metals. It is not necessarily an expensive metal detector will meet your needs, you may get all even at a low budget metal detector.

Ask the following questions to yourself before you buy a metal detector:

What do you want to find out? Define Your priorities of metal types like you are interested in coins, jewelry, antiques, gold, relics or artifacts.

Where you are going to do your search? It depends on the location where you want to locate metals as you may go to parks, fairgrounds, beaches, underwater or in mountains.

How Often Will You be Detecting? Analyze the use of a metal detector, would you like to use it only to enjoy your weekends or want to become a professional.

What is your experience to use metal detectors? Is it your first your first-time that you are using a metal detected or you have used it before.

What is your budget to buy a metal detector? There are several quality and types of metal detector available on the market so you need to determine what is your budget to pay for it.

Extra Tip: If you are serious to choose the perfect metal detector, you can go with the detecting device by OKM that can even detect things under 80 feet. However, it is expensive somehow. If you want to find gold Nokta Golden King would be a good choice that helps you to find targets up to 8-meter depth. If you are thinking to go for a search underwater, Kellyco can be a wise choice for you.

Metal Detecting Tips for Beginners

This basic bug very important tips will defiantly to find metals like a pro.

Do a Test Searching

To know is your detecting machine is working properly or not, you can do a test search at your backyard or loan. For the test grab some coins or jewelry and hide them at various places at different depths. Now do a test search at different sensitivity and discrimination levels. Paly with controls and check the tones are working properly, and the LCD is showing the matched results with tones.

Search for the Possible Locations

Choose the right place is the best choice to go for metal detecting. It saves time and effort. A proper research on the internet or asking experts is a wise choice before you go for detecting? You will be very lucky if you managed to find the desired metals with little research.

How to Move Your Detecting Machine

To find the target quickly it’s all about moving your metal detector properly. There’s the popular saying “Low and Slow” will help you to understand the proper movement of your metal detector. It will be great if you keep the coil closer to the ground (without touching the ground) and move it slowly to let it do its work to process what’s the inside.

Must have Right tools

When you get signals of your targeted metal, you must have the proper equipment to start digging. All of your gears will help you to enjoy treasure hunting. Your equipment must be compatible with a location where you are searching.

Don’t accept a miracle

Even after searching at the perfect location and having an expensive metal detector it is not necessary you will find the desired metals at first attempt. You have to be patient and positive but stay motivated that you will find things that you are looking for. To be calm read the history of a place or watch YouTube videos to know what others have found at the same location.


Don’t forget to keep in mind the metal detecting safety tips. Like always start detecting in the morning and finish it before sunset. However, the above metal detector buying tips and metal detecting tips will help you to get the things done with perfection.


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