Affiliate Disclaimer

Affiliate Disclaimer

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The primary purpose of this website’s disclaimer is to make our liabilities limited that as the owner of this website we will not suffer arising out of the website. There are many products are being reviewed by different sellers through the famous online portal, and we are just given you the reviews of each product to let you know more about it.

Examples of the kinds of liability that we publishers must contend with include libel/defamation, copyright infringement and breach of privacy. Most legal systems strictly control the effects of limitations and exclusions of liability. For this reason, you should take local legal advice if you believe you may have to rely upon the limits of liability in our free website disclaimer document.

The website disclaimer covers the following:

No warranties: We don’t assure any warranties or guarantees of each product that are being reviewed on this page.

Limitations of liability: We are not liable of any defective or damaged piece delivered by the seller.

Other parties: We are using the affiliate links of third party sellers who will be responsible for deliveries of your products.