Best Deep Seeking Metal Detector

Best Deep Seeking Metal Detector

A deep seeking metal detector is designed to detect deep targets, or targets that are buried deeper than a normal metal detector is capable of detecting. Some deep seeking metal detectors are ...

Best Metal Detector Headphones

Best Metal Detector Headphones

The best headphones for metal detecting, in our opinion, are those that provide volume control as well as high-quality sound. You must be able to recognize a wide range of signals, which are ...

Best Metal Detectors for Coins

Best Metal Detector for Coins

Finding coins with a metal detector is the oldest and most popular metal detecting hobbies.Although it's arguably the most common reason for buying a metal detector, not all metal detectors are ...

The Best Metal Detectors for Gold

Best Metal Detectors for Gold

Ever since gold was first discovered at Sutter's Mill by James Marshall in 1848, prospecting in the U.S. has been a rewarding, and often addicting, pursuit. Unfortunately, gold prospecting with no ...

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