Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector Review 2018

Bounty Hunter Tracker IVA metal detector, a trustworthy finder of our lost or searchable valuables. It is a device that can trace the metallic objects by its close circuit sensor installed on it. It mainly deals with the metal-made or metal inserted hidden objects. So, a metal detector can easily recognize the presence of metals.

So, the item can detect gold, brass, silver, aluminum, steel, and iron. This is why the hi-tech electronic instrument is covering almost every office or home as a security measure. So, the usage of the device is encompassing day by day. Perhaps, the wide range of popularity is a sheer evidence for being a good product.

However, the people use it as a human-like security. Its surveillance acts as a help against a possible danger for the human beings. So, the manly saying is that we are using this digital assistant to save our lives and to keep our things safe.

Picking Up a Useful Metal Detector

Whatever the matter is, think well before being adamant to shop a metal detector. First of all, be sure about the product. Then about the goals to use it. It’s good to match your thinking between things for a better use. And more about cost-effective of your money and thing you opt for. The different type of products have the different types of detection activities.

So, here are some examples of metal detectors and their usage. I’m here to detail it for your kind consideration. The metal detectors are for:

Treasure Hunting

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

This type of metal detecting technology has many applications. They are to find gold, silver, coin, historic artifact, lost valuables on a beach. Otherwise, it can detect buried or underground objects. So, the archaeologists use the metal detector as their searching assistant. So, they use it for antiquities such as iron tempered-war-clothes, Greek gold, and metal sculptures. The things usually remained buried in the historical places.

Airport security

There are several kinds of use of metal detector. For airport security, it is very much applicable. It’s used to protect to in-and-out of the illegal possessions. The airport security also uses it. They use it against illegal guns; metal made weapons, knives and other destructive arms or explosives. They can detect it during import or export-related flights using a metal detector.

Construction Industry

Metal detectors are used in the construction farms. It is used to detect the steel’s strengthening bar in concrete. And to identify the wires in floors or walls. Moreover, it can locate the metal pipes used in the buildings.


There are very helpful usages of the metal detector. They are to detect the metal objects in foodstuff. They use the detector at the final packaging for marketing or exportation. The metal-like objects in food are very dangerous to our lives.

Geological purposes

TK4 tracker IVThe geologists are happy to have this type of the metal detector. They can detect the formation of rock and metallic compositions. They use it for a certain area of the earth for research works. Otherwise, it is helpful to identify the mine location. However, every sphere of research work, the geological metal detector is as a watchdog to the geologists.

However, the above statement is a guideline. Here, you can decide the types of the metal detector you need. In addition, I’ll walk you through the famous brands, quality, performance, and functionalities as well.

The treasure hunting was the best match for me. I was a hobbyist user of the metal detector. Hence, I choose the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV metal detector. It’s a treasure hunter. For this type, it generally happens for a lobbyist for the first time. It gives amusement to the beginners and the learners as well. Here are the important and useful features of bounty hunter tracker iv.

Features and Performance of Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

  • Dimensions: 6.25-inch x 28.25-inch x 10.0-inch.
  • Product weight: 4.2- lbs.
  • Length: Adjustable (changeable).
  • Operation volt: Two 9-volt Alkaline batteries.
  • Operating frequency: 6.6-kHz.
  • Operation Mode: 3 modes of operation.
  • Audio discrimination: 2 tones.
  • Motion mode: All metal types.
  • Mode switch: 3-position mode switch.
  • The size of search coil: 8-inch search coil (waterproof).
  • Headphone jack: 1/4-inch


  • Detection performance: Coin size targets from 8-inch to 2-feet deeper.
  • Target detects Gold, aluminum, silver, brass steel, and iron.
  • Target strength meter: Interact well when the target motion is closer to the targeted objects.
  • Control preference: Can eliminate the undesirable targets.
  • Automatic ground balance: Yes
  • Sensitivity: Yes
  • Built-in-Speaker: Yes
  • Warranty: Limited warranty for 5 years (against defect items)
  • Made in: USA

TK4 tracker IV

Therefore, the black sleek metal spy is a wonderful one. It is also an adjustable device for a taller or shorter person alike. The model is really cool and light in weight. So, It was very handy and comfortable to use. And I enjoyed its every function all the time. I used it as a professional detective for hunting the treasures at a beach.

So, I never felt bored in handling it. Because I used it for a long hour of searching time. So, its eye-catching features are the complete statements as an evidence. It never leaves any consideration to wait to check it for the price on the marketplace. Because it is popular for its updated technologies. Otherwise, it’s having a strong electromagnetic sensor. So, the sensor that easily can track down the metals. It can also detect metal-made objects in no time. It works like a pet does to the strangers.


  • It is a lightweight, handy, affordable and cost-effective.
  • Its discrimination modes can swiftly set. The sensors can detect the targeted objects easily.
  • The expandable handle is users’ friendly for the people of all-height.
  • Service contact for five years gives no tension for rapid use.
  • Its quick operating system saves time.


  • It is commonly used by hobbyists users.
  • It needs batteries all the way for heavy use.
  • Adjusting handle is sometimes time-consuming.



Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

Q: How deeper can it reach for targeted metal?
Ans: About 3.5 to four feet.

Q: Have any sound when the search coil gets metal targeted on-demand?
Ans: Yes, Beep! Beep! Beep! When the discrimination modes set a target and get an object, then it sounds like beep…..!

Q: Is it a must to use a headphone?
Ans: No, it’s only for your personal usage.


However, It is the era of the information and communication technology. So, it is easy to find goods anytime. Otherwise, you can find the reviews that help as proper buying guides. However, the main features and their usages are helpful to the interested buyers. Hence, for a good persuasion, I detailed about it. So, I tried the facts and experienced with the Bounty hunter tracker iv. So, I pinpointed all out its features and functionalities. Because it will help you to decide the right decision. However, I can suggest you for the best metal detector. I suggest you buying and enjoying the best one to enjoy it. So, have a good metal detector for fun for life.


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