Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Review 2019 [Best Choose]

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw ReviewIf you are always ready to search metals and want to locate things as per your requirements, on the other hand, you need a simple to understand metal detector, this Bounty Hunter Quick draw pro review is going to be a worthwhile read for you. This metal detector comes with different adjustable volume and sensitivity levels.

There are 9 different categories that you can choose from for different target identifications. You can locate meals using the 99 different target ID numbers with the 3-segment in-depth indicator, and the three different tones will help you to confirm the located targets. The fully adjustable locking collars are excellent to use for a long time. A single 9-volt battery is enough to use it for a long time.

The Fast Metal Detector

When it comes to having a fast metal detection at every type of place Quick Draw Pro is an ideal choice. This metal detector comes with a 10-inches concentric elliptical search coil that helps you to locate the desired metals faster. This coil is fully equipped with the rugged manufacturing which is best to search underwater.

Advanced but easy to use Features

Just push the power on button, and the metal detector starts working for you. If you are a pro and tired of the advanced options metal detector, this metal detector has all the features you are looking for.

The Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector is fully representative of its name, as you don’t need to struggle more to use this machine. Just push the start button and start the routine detection.

Easy and Quick Access to all Features

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw ProBefore you start searching, you can set up things with easy options. Just hi the customized button and choose the sensitivity level for target identification and discrimination and it will be ready to use.

Usually, Hunter Pro series metal detectors made with easy to use options, but this one is specifically made for the new uses that are why it has easy and quick access features.

Larger Size LCD

The Bounty Hunter’s Quick Draw Pro comes with a large size LDC display that helps you to identify the target before starting digging. The easy to read display options help you in understanding the metal type and measurements. There are a tone identification features are also the part of this metal detector, but you can confirm the metal by checking the results on display screen.

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Review

The display can identify the target by the different code, however, to use it with perfection you must be aware of the target codes of 0-99. There are different codes available for things like nickels, pennies, dimes, quarters, iron and foil that are also identified with three different tones. The fast target response helps you to identify the desired metals with close proximation.

Tones Target Identification

No doubt LCD shows you the most closed results. However, the tone identification is a plus to find your targets with ease. There are three different tones available to give you an alert of identified targets, that can be confirmed with the code that will display on the LCD. This way you can save your time and effort to dig in the wrong place.


  • Graphic Target Depth Indicator
  • Different Sensitivity Bar Graph
  • Preset Ground Balance
  • 9 Target-ID Category Icons
  • Multiple Notching System
  • Full Discrimination Capability
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 9-Volt Battery for maximum backup
  • Identify the metals with 3 different tones
  • 9 categories of icons to identify targets
  • 0-99 codes for target identification
  • Lightweight and with higher frequency

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Review: Buying Tips


No doubt this metal detector is best for the beginners. However, if you want to be a pro in metal detecting industry Quick Draw Pro can help you in this regard. This is an entry-level metal detector that comes at a very low price.

If you are looking to buy a metal detector that you can give to your children with free hands this can be a perfect choice. This metal detector featured with the easy to use and large display options that will be helpful for you to get your kids in touch with the metal detection on the right path.

Best Metal Detector for the Money (No. 3 is Best)

Best Metal Detector for the MoneyWhen it comes to buying the best metal detector for the money, you must have to investigate about it and make a right purchase. This way you will be able to buy a perfect device and save a few bucks.

There are many things you must keep in mind to shop a best-suited metal detector. This is going to be a worthy read for you if you are just starting in the metal detecting industry.

How to Choose the Right Metal Detector: Top 5 Questions

Things to check why buy a Best Metal Detector for the Money:

1. Functionality

When it comes to functionally, there are several things you need to check in your metal detector. When we are looking for best metal detector the money we usually go with a Very Low-Frequency device and we can check the following:

Notching: This function is a must check thing in every metal detector you will buy because this feature discriminates the targets as per signals and depth and show you results.

Ground Balance: The ground balance will minimize the interface by aeromagnetic waves and minerals in the soil. Discrimination and sensitivity should be changed to your requirements.

LCD: The LCD help you to know about your findings, it must have clear target identification features. Usually, LCD is attached to the control box, and you can also find the jack as well to connect your headphones that increase your ability to listen to the accurate target identification tons.

2. Coil

Try to go with a larger diameter coil; it increases the sensitivity level of your metal detector. Your coil should be waterproof or semi-waterproof because when you are searching on the beach, this feature keeps your device safe from water. You must check the coil’s technology; the latest one is D-Tech which you must look out.

3. Design

The design of the metal detector must be comfortable to use. You must check the armrest padding and handle’s material. It should be lightweight and adjustable to set it as per your height.

4. Brand

The reliable brand is one that uses like, there are several brands metal detectors available on, however, we have reviewed Bounty Hunter and Ace Garret’s machines. You can choose any one of them that suits your needs.

5. Price

You need to know your budget. If you are under $100, try to increase a bit because this price is for the children metal detectors or go with a used device. Your budget must be around $200 or above so that you can get somehow reliable metal detector.

Best Metal Detectors for the Money Comparison Table

Bounty Hunter TIME RANGER 8 Inch Concentric Waterproof Search Coil 2.6 pounds Check Price
Bounty Hunter Gold Digger 7 Inch Weather Resistant Coil 0.16 ounces Check Price
Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV 8" Open Waterproof Coil 3.7 pounds Check Price
Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior 6.5 Inch Weather Resistant Coil 1.29 pounds Check Price

Following are some of the best metal detectors for the money, that you can grab to enjoy the treasure hunting, rather you are a professional or going to buy a metal detector as a hobby.

1. Bounty Hunter Time Ranger

Bounty Hunter Time RangerThis is one of the best hunting machines for the professional treasure hunters. The automatic balancing feature makes the device automatically compatible depending on the soil. The larger LCD is fully programmed with the latest technology and touchpad control.

The lower sensitivity level help reduces the false results and beep on the exactly matched metals. There are 3 different audio tones discriminations and 4 varying levels of iron discrimination. The sniff mode helps metal detector to avoid unwanted metals. These features make this device a perfect choice for the target ID scale.

2. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Gold DiggerThis bounty hunter metal detector is specially made to search coins, gold and silver elements buried 6-inches deep. However, the larger items can be found to a depth of 2 feet. If you are going to the beach for search, this metal detector will be perfect. The automatic tuning and ground compatibility make its use easy.

The all metal mode help to detect all metals in any area and allow you to do the specific metal search. The metal detector includes a headphone in the package. No doubt the device comes with bounty hunter’s guarantee like others. Bounty Hunter Gold digger is easy to use and setup.

3. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

This device is built to work in different conditions. The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV can work perfectly at beaches even under salt water and avoid minerals to detect the desired metals. The present ground balance allows the metal detector to detect valuable metals and the lower sensitivity level is adjustable that reduces the electromagnetic interference.

The TK4 Tracker IV can detect metals buried at 8-inch depth. The different operating modes allow the metals to detect your desired metals. The headphone jack is compatible with several types of headphones and the 9-volt batteries give enough backup to use it for a long time.

4. Bounty Hunter Junior (BHJS)

Bounty Hunter Junior (BHJS)Aa the name of this metal detector suggests its nature, this is the best device for kids. It is extraordinary light and has easy to handle structure with an adjustable shaft and ergonomic features. You can extend its shaft up to 2.25 inches as per your kids’ height.

The tone will be the louder if the target will be near so that you can determine the depth of target based depending on the tone’s volume. The specifically made discrimination control help you to save your time by avoiding unwanted elements. The perfectly matched ground balance is equally compatible for all type of soils.


The above-shared tips and list of devices help you to find the best money metal detector by making a wise choice. However, you can read our other detailed reviews about the above-discussed products and other metal detectors to know more about it.

Best Metal Detector Under $300 (No. 2 is Best)

Best Metal Detector Under $300If you are beginning to get into the metal detecting hobby, it can be hard to know what detector would be best for your hunting habits. You will need everything you need to have fun and one that won’t bust your wallet. A perfect metal detector that helps you to find your desired metals, but still you are with a short budget.

We have found some best metal detector under $300, that is not only under your budget, but also you can get the desired results from these detecting machine without spending more. Some good detectors are Garrett ACE 300 and Fisher F22 that are at the top of the list because these detectors come with the advanced technology that usually not available in entry-level detectors.

Best Metal Detector Under $300: 3 Great Options

NameCoilWeightOur Rating
Fisher F22 Weatherproof Waterproof Search Coil 3 lbs Check Price
Garrett Ace 300 Submersible Search Coil 5.2 lbs Check Price
Minelab X-TERRA 305 Multi Frequency Coils 2.87 lbs Check Price

The below list of 3 best metal detectors under $300 that we think are some of the best models available in the market.

1. Fisher F22 Weatherproof – Metal Detector

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal DetectorThis is the latest version of one of the most popular F2 metal detector. The metal detector comes with all features of F2 along with a bit extra features. The metal detector has a lighter control box (2.3 lbs vs. 2.6 lbs) that make it comfortable too. Nine target ID sections vs. eight for healthier target IDs.

It has four search modes that help in better discrimination options. You can adjust the volume depending on the needs and place you’re doing treasure hunting.

The above shared all 3 metal detectors are shared after proper research on every machine, however, if you have found or used any detecting machine that is under $300 and can fulfill our reader’s needs feel free to share your experience in the comment section, we will value your sharing.

PROS: The latest style coil design comes with 9″ triangulated for better maneuverability in tight spaces. So that the detector can get better target parting by using the lesser end of the coil. Iron acoustic so you don’t get misled by iffy signals. You can enjoy detector at the beach using the F22 is also rain and weatherproof, so you never have to worry about getting caught in the rain on those long hunts!

CONS: There’s one thing I did not like about it is this machine is that it does not allow you to manual ground balancing.

2. Garrett Ace 300 – Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 300 Metal DetectorThis detecting machine is another one from our search that we found best under 300 dollars metal detector. The Garrett ACE 300 is the latest version of the world-famous model ACE 250.

If you are familiar with the metal detecting industry, you would know ACE 250 managed to get a place among the bestselling metal detectors in the past. However, this is still our top picks as the best metal detector under $300.

One of the major reasons to add this metal detector in our list is the Fisher detectors are known to have slightly better recovery speed compared to the Garrett’s.

What Is Recovery Speed?

For example, if you are at a trashy park, and there is a silver coin buried right next to a nail. When you try to detect it using your machine, it will show you an ID reading before receiving any messages from the machine and before you go for detecting the next target – or ‘recovering.’

Fast Recovery: The better your chances are that you’ll be able to detect the target right next to the trash.

Slow Recovery: Your detector will not recover in time, and you’ll completely miss out on the good target.

PROS: The metal detector comes with a Digital target ID and has larger 7×10″ coil to cover more ground faster. You can make an even better iron resolution to weed out those bad boards. Higher incidence for better compassion on smaller targets as well as lower conductivity items like gold and lead.

CONS: Some cons are lack of ground balance adjustment and not as fast recovery speed as the F22.

3. Minelab X-TERRA 305 – Metal Detector

Minelab X-TERRA 305 Metal DetectorOK. Here’s another metal detector that falls under 300 dollars metal detectors the Minelab X-terra 305. The Minelab brand is famous machine that with high-end technology. But like every brand, they essential to have a full lineup of detecting machine help you in every kind of metal detecting. If are being professional but still have a low budget, so we have the Xterra 305.

PROS: The technology being used in this detector is far superior to any other on the market. Just like it has VFLEX Technology, that is usually not available in entry-level machines and help in VLF (very low frequency) detecting. The low-budget metal detector that comes under $300 operates at a signal frequency which is determined by the manufacturer.

However, this one offers VFLEX technology at this affordable price. On the other hands, the higher frequency should be used if you are searching for smaller objects like round ball bullets or even gold nuggets.

CONS: Only one thing that would not fit for you is the weight of the metal detector; it has a bit higher weight compared to other detectors discussed above.


The above shared all 3 metal detectors are shared after proper research on every machine, however, if you have found or used any detecting machine that is under $300 and can fulfill our reader’s needs feel free to share your experience in the comment section, we will value your sharing.

Top 5 Metal Detector for Coins in 2019

Best Metal Detector for CoinsThe man is always inquisitive to hold the records and to nurse it. However, to remember the old memories has significantly become popular in our society. So, in a sequence of showcasing the history, the coin shooters have added more a stem in collecting old coins, gold coin, silver coin, relics, artifacts, etc.

We know that the old coins are remaining scattered here and there by the times. So, to collect and preserve the old coins as a historic item, man has adopted several ways in the line. Here, the invention of metal detector is one of them.

And the happy people are looking for the best metal detectors for coins. There are several brands of the metal detectors worldwide. I’m detailing some of them are top rated for the metal detector for coins.

A Short List of the Best Metal Detector for Coins

NameCoilWeightOur Rating
Garrett AT Pro Submersible Search Coil 3.03 Pounds Check Price
Fisher F5 Waterproof 10" Coil 4.7 Pounds Check Price
Tesoro Compadre 8" Round Concentric Coil 3.2 Pounds Check Price
Garrett Ace 300 Submersible Search Coil 5.2 Pounds Check Price
Fisher F22 Elliptical Waterproof Search Coil 3 Pounds Check Price

According to the research and reviews, the following metal detectors were considered to be the best-running items in the marketplaces. So, I briefly discuss some essential features and functions to let you know about the metal detectors at a glance. Because it will give you an easy to select your choice quickly. It’s all.

1. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Garrett AT Pro Metal DetectorThis is the most important feature of a metal detector for searching the coins. Because when a metal detector gets a targeted object, then the control box of the metal detector sends an audio voice about the aspect of the object. As a result, the operator can come to know the whole about the searching result.

For searching the metallic coins, iron discrimination knob performs a vital role to the collect coin quickly. In setting the iron discrimination, only the coin is targeted not the iron. The sensitivity of iron is zero here.

The feature confirms the operator with giving the identification of the coins. It shows the depth and the kinds of coins during a searching operation.

2. Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 300 Metal DetectorGarret 300 has an adjustable frequency that can automatically adjust frequency during an operation for coin.

The model includes the search coil that can work for both in fresh water and salt water. It can search metal up to 10 feet underwater. The submersible search coil is waterproof.

Iron audio technology helps an operator to inform about iron it detects during a searching operation on. As a result, the operator can avoid iron or iron-like material detected by a metal detector.

Headphone: For the short hearing people, Garrett includes a headphone to have an ease the searching operation. When a metal is detected, then the receiver coil sends it to the audio system. And then the operator can hear by the headphone.

Advanced iron resolution: The iron resolution mode can detect iron and avoid the noise it instantly regarding the searching operation fruitful. Because the iron identification mode makes noise in a particular type of detecting operation.

Digital Target ID: Target ID mode helps to focus the metal you want your metal detector to find out. More clearly saying, if you want to find the coin, you can set the operation mode for coin.

Modes: This feature is to target for all metal to search. With setting this mode, you can find your metal detector all types of metal you want. Otherwise, you can change the mode only for coins.

Sensitivity: By setting this mode, one can easily find the coins. The sensitivity mode ignores the other objects’ presence in operation for coins only.

Coin depth indicator: The coin depth indicator feature indicates the coin when the operation is going on. As a result, the operator gets coin comfortable and saves time at once.

Audio tone: Audio tone feature informs about the metals detected. The operator can hear the sound from an audio system that tells about the whole aspect of the detected metals.

Ground balancing: The operator can maintain the ground balance. In the feature mode, you can avoid noisy things. Otherwise, this mode helps to inform about the ground condition of the searching area.

Pinpoint mode: Pinpoint mode tells about the coins when it is found on an operation for coins. By setting the pinpoint mode, it is easy to see the coins. Because the metal detector’s pinpoint means to find out the metallic objects.

Other features: Apart from some important basic features, there are more features like audio sound, digital target ID, headphone jack, etc. In one word, it is very nice for coin hunting.

3. Fisher F5 Metal Detector

Fisher F5 Metal DetectorThreshold and Gain adjustment: The feature helps an operator to inform about the condition of the ground mineralization.

4-mode operation: in this feature, you can detect four Types of metals. As we are looking for coins here, so we will set the feature for coins. The setting is very easy and helpful.

4-tone Audio ID: For the 4-type of metal it gives the 4-tone audio signal according to the aspect of metal it finds.

Target ID: The detector is equipped with the target ID. By setting this feature, it gives the identification of the targeted coins.

Pinpoint mode: When the search coil of a metal detector emits electromagnetic ray over the object, then the metal detector gives the signal about the metal it gets during an operation. It means to pinpoint the metallic objects.

Sensitivity level: In general, the sensitivity is to take the smell of something. So, when we look for something with a metal detector, then the sensitivity setting helps us to confirm about the metallic coins. As a result, the searching operation comes easily to us.

Depth detection mode: Of course, you have a target for something on a detecting operation. So, this feature can calculate the depth of the coins you look for. In setting the depth mode, you can decide to dig the ground or not for the coins.

4. Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector

Tesoro Compadre Metal DetectorAll metal modes: For this metal detector, the setting is pretty nice. You set it with the all metal mode. It means the metal detector can identify all types of metal. Though you are looking for the best metal detector for coins, after that you have advantages for more options.

Metal discrimination mode: Like other metal detectors, it also has the metal discrimination mode. In this mode, you can have set only for coins. As a result, the other minerals get discriminated by the metal detector.

Depth detection mode: Almost same for all. The depth of a coin can be measured by this mode. You know that the searching operation is a time-consuming issue. Hence, you can save your time by setting the depth detection mode. Because it will inform you about the depth of the coins underground. It’s pretty nice to use.

5. Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 300 Metal DetectorPinpoint mode: When a metal detector comes to the metal you are searching for, it is called Pinpoint. Be careful to set your pinpoint mode as for coins. If you are fixing the mode for coins then, the metal detector will try to pinpoint the coins only.

Sensitivity mode: With setting the mode, it is easy to find the targeted metal objects. If the setting is adjusted with coins, then the searching operation comes easy and fruitful.

Depth adjustment: The automatic depth adjustment helps an operator to measure the distance of the coins underground or underwater.

Coin depth indicator: Coin depth indicator shows the details of coin depth.

Digital Target ID: It identifies the features of coins.

6. Fisher F22 Metal Detector

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector4-mode operation: In this feature, you can detect four types of metals. As we are looking for coins here, so we will set the feature for coins. The setting is very easy and helpful.

Target ID: The detector is equipped with the target ID. Because setting the feature gives the identification of the targeted coins.

Pinpoint mode: When the search coil of a metal detector emits electromagnetic ray over the object, then the metal detector gives a signal about the metal it gets during an operation. It means to pinpoint the metallic objects.

Sensitivity level: In general, the sensitivity is to take the smell of something. So, when we look for something with a metal detector, then the sensitivity setting helps us to confirm about the metallic coins. As a result, the searching operation comes easily to us.

Depth detection mode: Of course, you have a target for something on a detecting operation. So, this feature can calculate the depth of the coins you look for. In setting the depth mode, you can decide to dig the ground or not for the coins.

Waterproof elliptical search coil: The waterproof search coil helps find the coins underwater.

Operating frequency: 7.69 kHz. It’s perfect for coin shooting.


For being a coin hunter, you are welcome all the way. Also, we salute your curiosity to have the best metal detector for coins. We have also shown our curiosity to find out the best products as an honor for you.

So, whatever the matter is, our day-long research for the best metal detector for coins may at least help you to expedite your metal detecting experience. The side-by-side comparison of every item helps you to decide to have a right one. So, read all the features carefully and go to buying.

Metal Detector Reviews: Top 8 Detector Sale in 2019

A metal detector is something electronic and metallic device that can detect the metal or metal-like objects. Generally, It can detect the targeted objects from a certain distance to the set beforehand.

According to the best metal detector reviews, it can also trace the metal-made objects underground or underwater. Otherwise, the metal detector interacts well with the other digital options installed on it.

Here’s Top 7 Performer Metal Detector

  • Fisher Gold Bug Pro
  • Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro
  • Garrett Ace 150
  • Teknetics Delta 4000
  • Fisher F75
  • GARRETT Pro-Pointer
  • Junior T.I.D. Detector

Metal detector reviews

What Metal Detector Is the Best for You?

However, you are firm and ready to click for shopping a metal detector from a marketplace you like. But, have you ever judged in minded which to take on? Or which is the best for you? If not, just walk behind me and follow the details below.

In case of being a new user, first of all, you should know about each of the parts and their functionalities of a metal detector. That I already have mentioned above. As your decision is pending to select the right match, hence, read down to know more about the best metal detector reviews and choose the best one.

Top 5 Metal Detector Reviews & Comparisons

The product reviews and the name of brands are the most important thing, especially for new buyers. Though it is helpful for both old and new buyers at the same time. Because the buyers always require the updated information about the product they want. So, there are some best products and their brands:

1. Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal DetectorFisher’s versatile type metal detector is really a skilled spy to find out the smallest gold nuggets from the trashy places using fisher fold bug pro. It applies its very low frequency (VLF) to sense gold nugget in thickly mineralized soils. Otherwise, the variable tone discrimination system helps the user to select the setting for a specific object to search.

Furthermore, to take a depth count, it has a computerized ground balancing system. So, by setting the ground balance, you can define of what deeper your metal detector’s sensor is reaching into. This is very enjoyable as well.

The audio setting with all discrimination modes tells the type of objects is targeted. It seems to works like a human brain. In one word, Fisher’s gold bug pro metal detector is really helpful to the hobbyists and household workers.


  • Weight: 2.5-lbs
  • One 9-volt alkaline battery
  • Operating Frequency 19KHz
  • Color: Black
  • 5-Years warranty
  • Dimensions: 10.20 x 6.20 x 28.50 -inch
  • Made in USA

Perhaps, the reviews of the above-mentioned product tell to the interested people to make immediately away for a happy booking then and then!

2. Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw ProThe Quick Draw Pro is a very proactive device for searching the metal objects on the surface or beneath the surface. The detecting accuracy is really praiseworthy. So, you will not understand about all of the features unless you use it.

The reasonable priced multipurpose metal detector has 10” Concentric and waterproof search coil. It has a control panel with analog and touchpad facility. For a good potential target depth, the indicator perhaps helps to balance the detector against the ever-changing soil condition.


  • Weight: 2.8-lbs
  • Dimensions: 45 x 8 x 14 -inch
  • Power Supply: One 9-volt alkaline battery
  • Operating Frequency: 7.69KHz
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 5-Years Limited warranty
  • Made in USA

So, you now got known to the details about the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw. And I suggest you not to face back from your position. Just have a one as a Christmas gift.

3. Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 150 Metal DetectorThe Garrett Ace 150 is a high-end technology in the world of metal detector. The Garrett Ace series of the metal detector dresses the modern tech shorts for its lovers worldwide.

The features that claim as the most innovative are the notch discrimination, pinpointing, adjustable sensitivity and the depth setting mode. The searching coil of the new edition is very keen to catch the object targeted by the user.

So, I suggest having one to enjoy for life.


  • Weight: 4.1-lbs
  • Dimensions: 22 x 11 x 5 -inch
  • Power supply: 4 AA Batteries
  • Operating Frequency: 7.69KHz
  • Color: Mixed (Yellow and Black)
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in: USA

However, according to the useful features of the device, the Garrett Ace 150, a wonderful digital pet is most wanted to me. So, I recommend you paying for the amazing digital assistant for you.

4. Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal DetectorThe Teknetics Delta 4000 is a decent metal detector for all. Because its superb performance includes the gold nuggets prospecting, coin shoots, artifacts searching, relic hunting etc.

Otherwise, the model integrates all the important features such as LCD display, Target ID, Depth indicator, 3-tone audio discrimination and target depth from 0-8-inch. No doubt, it’s a special invention in the era of metal detecting.


  • Weight: 3.5-lbs
  • Dimensions: 11.2 x 6.5 x 40 -inch
  • Power supply: One 9-Volt Alkaline Battery
  • Operating Frequency: 7.8KHz
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in: USA

I got the best match for a treasure hunter as well. The features and performance of the Teknetics Delta 4000 are quite deniable. So, on getting the marvelous detector, become a winner of the year.

5. Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Fisher F75 Metal DetectorFisher F75 is the latest technology for the metal detector. The LCD displays the target ID during metal detecting work. The multi-purpose metal detector combines all the features for hunting relics, shooting coils and prospecting the gold material.

Otherwise, the pinpoint setting, ground cancellation, discrimination modes are available with product features. The ergonomic and lightweight device is really a demand of time for the detecting operation. In a word, it’s really a good item of the modern technology in the marketplace.


  • Weight: 4.7-lbs
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 11.5 x 52 -inch
  • Power supply: 4 AA Batteries
  • Operating Frequency: 7.6KHz
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in: USA

However, in searching the best metal detector, I found Fisher’s F75 with full functionalities at all. So, in my views, this is definitely a contemporary one for beginners or professionals.

6. GARRETT Pro-Pointer Metal Detector

GARRETT Pro-Pointer Metal DetectorThe Garrett Pro-Pointer is programmed with the detection ability of 3600 side scan area. The sleek design metal detector includes the pinpoint mode, audio or vibration bit rate, target ID and objects discrimination mode.

The soft touch operating easiness device is a lucrative one to all of the metal detector lovers worldwide. So, stay tuned with the Garrett pro. And I recommend wasting no time any longer for a leap to catch one immediately.


  • Weight: 10.4-oz
  • Dimensions: 9.6 x 2.4 x 2.3 -inch
  • Power supply: One 9-Volt Battery
  • Operating Frequency: 7.6KHz
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in: USA

When a marathon race for a good collection of a set of metal detectors, I successfully met some of my experienced friend-users. So, according to their suggestion, I enlist this product in the top list and recommend you shaking all the hesitation for money.

7. Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector

Junior T.I.D. Metal DetectorFor mastering the detecting program, the Bounty Hunter Junior is the exceptional type of detecting kit. Its frequency can reach to 5-inch deeper for a coin-sized object and much deeper for the bigger ones.

The 3-point target ID gives the estimate of the types of the object before you start digging down. Otherwise, it gives a signal to ignore unwanted objects. And the depth indicator, an amazing feature warns you of how deeper the buried object is. It’s really wonderful to use as a hobbyist-minded one.


  • Dimensions: 9 x 6.5 x 31 -inch
  • Weight: 1.1-lbs
  • Power supply: 2 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Operating Frequency: 6.6KHz
  • Color: Blue and Green
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in: USA

So, Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D may be the best one for you. The features and the working performance, as I know, are at the top of the reviews, Says a bunch of common reviews on the product.

8. White TREASUREPro Metal Detector

White TREASUREPro Metal DetectorWhen you are affordably immovable for a metal detector, the White TreasurePro may be the best match for you. The 10-inch searching coil is so much ergonomic to detect the target you set during searching the objects.

The ground balance mode of the detector will help you to ignore the unwanted huge minerals at the beachside. Otherwise, the automatic ground balance mode indicates the ground condition while to find things deeper and deeper.

As a result, your treasure hunting operation comes easily to an end. The 5-search modes and a VDI number on the display will show the result of your searching status. What more?

Anatomy of a Metal Detector – What You Need to Know?

The metal detector has some useful parts to integrate to detect the metallic objects. So, all that parts of a metal detector remain functional during searching the assigned objects are:

Anatomy of a Metal Detector

Handle: The handle is used to control the metal detector during an operation on.

Control Box/Housing: It’s a CPU of a metal detector. It mainly translates the signals that detect the search coil and sends it to control box. The control box turns the signals into helpful information graphically with sound and displays it on the display monitor.

Shaft: A standard-sized adjustable hollow pipe that holds the round shaped-search coil underneath it. Otherwise, the electric cables are used for passing current from the control box to the search coil. So, the cables are twisted around the long shaft.

Search Coil: During searching the targeted objects, it needs passing the current to create an electromagnetic field all around the searching areas. So, the searching coil then makes itself as an electromagnetic field with the electric power supplied from the control box.

Generally, a metal detector has two coil circuits. To send the electricity to make an electromagnetic field on the searching object. Another coil is to reply back for the presence of searching objects if found.

Headphone Jack: It consists of a jack to connect the earphone. Because when the metal detector gets reached of the targeted object, then it sends a signal. The earphone helps it to hear it through the headphone jack. The headphone is mainly used in noisy places.

Display Unit: This part of the metal detector shows all the information during a searching operation. The searching frequency, depth of the target ID, the aspect of the metal objects, density of the minerals etc.

Arm Cuff: It maintains the balance of the metal detector. It actually sets well the detector’s stem into the arm. As a result, it becomes easy to use the metal detector for a long hour of searching operation.

How Many Types of Metal Detectors Are There?

The modern design of the metal detector gets its advanced features from the concepts of the first invented one by Graham Bell in 1881. Since then, the scientists have been investing their efforts and money to get the device more useful and cost-effective.

The metal detector, however, generally works on the two concepts- electricity and magnetism. There are three basic types of the metal detector based on their searching performance are:

1. Very Low Frequency Detector (VLF)

VLF is a high-end-technology used in metal detectors. The technology consists of two round searching coils on the metal detector. One is the transmitter or sender and the other is receiver. However, during searching operation, the transmitter releases a low-frequency electromagnetic field on the searching area.

And, if anything found in the searching area, then the receiver receives the reflected electromagnetic field fallen down the metal objects and send it to the display unit to show.

Instantly you can hear a beep sound on sending the information by receiver coil. Because this type of metal detector has an electronic circuit is commonly known as the tuner. So, It filters the signals and sends it to the receiver.

Suppose, you are looking for gold or silver, and fortunately you get it. Then the tuner will confirm you it as aluminum or steel. Then the display unit will show the exact result. So, your operation for gold or silver is successful here.

2. Pulse Induction Detector (PID)

The pulse induction works well for searching things in the deeper ground. This type is also used for security measure at any military or police checkpoints. They use it for a capture of illegal weapons in-out. It has only a single searching coil system. So, it only emits an electromagnetic field to the targeted object.

By the way, if it can sense the object targeted, it then sends an audio tone to the metal detector user. It gives result accurately. So, the item is a bit costly to purchase. Because mainly the government personnel uses it.

3. Beat Frequency Oscillation Detector (BFO)

This is a kind of weak version of the metal detector. It is in a first choice for electronic shops that can be found objects ranging within two feet. This way it works same as the VLF detector type. So, it has two searching coils.

They function like VLF. But the main specialty is that it can send a different type of sound according to the different types of objects’ structure. But a question arises about the accuracy of finding objects from the trashy area. It also is very expensive as well.

How Does a Metal Detector Work?

According to the best metal detector reviews, a metal detector has generally two round coils to use. One is sender or transmitter coil and the other is receiver coil. So, one of the coils mainly receives an electromagnetic current from the control box. And it creates an electromagnetic circle all around it.

Now, if you sweep the detector forth and back, the electromagnetic circle will smell the object. And instantly, the electromagnetic circle flows a current inside the metal object you searching for. So, then the receiver coil will recognize the object and transmit the information of the detected metal object on the display unit with different sounds according to the types of object. It’s really awesome to use.

Applications of a Metal Detector

A detector is not only a thing to apply for a particular goal to achieve, but also a hobby. Because the human beings are made of some physical and mental demands. The reciprocal interaction between the two demands (mental and physical) helps man to live on the earth. Perhaps, to meet the demands either physical or mental, we adopt the different types of hobby unleashed.

However, here, the metal detecting is a hobby as well as an indispensable helping part of our busy lives. So, before being made to satisfy your demand for a metal detector, have a closure look to the metal detector reviews and applications that I collected from the experienced professional stems and friends online.

A Glimpse of Fields of Using the Metal Detectors

Field's forDetection's forUser's Group
All purposes Gold, silver, coin, lost metal on beach etc. Hobbyists, general people
Historic purposes Antiques, relics, artifacts etc. Historian, archaeologist
Under-water search Metal objects at beaches or underwater Naval personnel or hobbyists, divers
Construction farms iron rod during wiring, Testing steel in concrete etc. Civil engineers
Airport security Illegal guns, knives, weapon, explosives, arms etc. Airport authority
Food processing industries Metal bits in Foodstuff Foodstuff processing authority
Geological purposes Rock and metallic objects under soil etc. Geologists
Office (hospital, industry etc) Harmful metal-made stuff, radio, mobile etc. Office authority
Public parks and gardens Combing metallic objects Park authority
Sports grounds Clearing metallic objects Sports Authority
School, college, laboratory etc. Metal or metal-like objects Relevant authority

The above chart now helps you to decide of which user group you fall on. So, here you should obviously be clear and determined about your perspectives of using the metal detector. Let’s listen to the best metal detector reviews.

Metal Detectors Add Prevention to Your Security Protection

The use of a metal detector varies from place to place. On the other hand, the accurate detecting result is very important as a security measure. So, for searching easiness, there are two forms of checking the people by using the metal detector. This is-

Walk-Through Metal Detector

Suppose, at a busy entrance, it is impossible to use the hand held metal detector for every individual coming in and out. Walk-Through Metal Detector

So, here, the ‘Walk-through’ metal detector is very suitable to screen the people easy. It automatically can read the metal object and give signal straight away. It also warns people saying as ‘Stop’ or ‘Go’.

Hand-Held Metal Detector

Whereas, the handheld metal detector is used at the thin crowded area. This sort of metal detector is used to detect metal from person to person.

Hand-Held Metal Detector

So, like Walk-thorough metal detector, it also responds in beeping when it gets metal in screening shot the people.

What Key Features Should Be In Your Metal Detector?

Every individual feature of a technology acts for a particular part of a job to be done. So, a bunch of features mainly masters the whole performance of the device. Perhaps, the metal detector, a simple taming cat-like digital device has some stunning features liable to work well. And I’m here to discuss the most highlighted and interesting features of the best metal detector reviews below:

Eliminating or Ignoring an Unexpected Object

It is a self-decided feature of a good metal detector. On searching operation, when the search coil passes an electromagnetic field through an object, then the indicator of the metal detector sounds with a particular type of tone for the particular types of object.

So, you can eliminate or ignore your unexpected objects by setting the ‘elimination mode’. Then the audio system will let you hear only about your targeted object. It’s fine at all.

Discrimination Mode

Discrimination ModeOne of the awesome features that generally incorporates a metal detector. The word ‘Discrimination’ generally means to consider a thing from at least range to a higher range or to ignore completely for a specific objective in the line.

So, in terms of detecting metal, when a metal detector produces different types of tone for different types of metal, hence we can say the indicator of metal detector is discriminating the object by producing different types of sound for the different types of object. To eliminate any object is also a discriminating the object by the indicator.

However, you can take variation for a particular object in searching operation.

Ground Balancing Setting

We know the ‘soil’ contains a variety type of minerals in the swift run of time. So, the earth surface is a mixture of tones of minerals as well. But during detecting to a target-object, we can set up the ground balance to ignore the unexpected objects in the view of a metal detector.

As a result, the indicator of the metal detector will sound only for the object you targeted beforehand. So, it’s a funny setting for the treasure hunters at beach point.

Pinpoint Mode

For the underground metallic objects, pinpoint mode helps to find out the exact location of the objects. So, in a searching operation, when a target is identified, then pinpoint mode gives more information about the object’s actual shape, size & accurate location. As a result, it becomes easy to pick the object up.

0-99 Target ID

The display unit of the metal detector shows 2-digit of electrical conductivity and sound after finding a target. The number basically represents the accuracy of the targeted objects. So, the higher the number represents the more accurate of the targeted object.

Graphic Target Depth Indicator

The graphics display board shows the possible detection of the metal objects and its possible depth in inches. It’s a superb edition for the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro and others.

3-Tone Audio ID

This metal detector incorporates with 3-Tone ID. It makes three different types of sound according to the structure of the metals. Say, for example, low tones for iron type, medium tones for gold type and high tones for a silver type. The wonderful 3-tone audio ID has featured the product eye-catching and popular worldwide.

Notch Discrimination

The notch discrimination is mainly for a variable signal for the various types of object. It sounds differently for the different sorts of the object. So, the feature eyes different things in different ways. This is its accuracy and specialty.

Sensitivity Setting

It indicates the responding ability of a metal detector. When the electromagnetic range of a detector focuses on the searching object, then the sensitivity mode helps to pass the relevant information about the object. So, for a small object, the sensitivity setting should be a bit higher to reach the object. So, the standard setting of the sensitivity gives a good result on detecting operation.

Adjustable Depth Setting

You can adjust the depth setting for a particular detectable job. The separate adjusting modes are available with the different sorts of depth indicators. So, the depth indicators calculate in inches (1″,2″,….8″ etc.). It is clear that you can target the depth for a metal object in inches as well.

Coin Depth Indicator

It means the metal detector can reach up to the particular depth for coin. So, under this setting, you can only search for the coin skipping the other issues at the same time. Therefore, the setting includes four different depth indicators of 2″, 4″, 6″ and 8 or more inches. So, under this distance (in inches) the detector indicates the depth for coin by inches ( e. g. 2 or 4 or 6 or 8-inch).

Headphone Jack

The headphone is used for hearing the sound of indicator when an object is detected on searching operation. However, It helps the user to identify the object easily. It is used only for searching things in noisy areas.


As of now, you were staring at the whole details of the metal detector reviews. Perhaps, I have tried to extract and present some important information on the metal detector before you.

Otherwise, I also have a fair concentration to expose all about your interest in the metal detecting experience in this article. So, I literally have discussed every sphere of metal detector to let you know as my dear guest.

Therefore, a metal detector that does generally have the features I sketched in the reviews article is clear to you. And I expect you have understood well my tender efforts and have a good sense to take part for your side.

And my earnest recommend leaving your comment on having your best one from the list of products I reviewed for you. So, stay tuned on metal detection to explore the new world of the new experience to get you enjoying forever.

8 Best Beginners Metal Detectors 2019 [Ultimate Guides]

Best Beginners Metal DetectorIf you are the beginners, you would need to know the basics of metal detecting.

This is an activity that detectorists to find coins, jewelry and other expensive metals buried at beaches, parks and some other places. To detect your targeted metals, you would need the best beginners metal detector and accessories.

Metal detecting is not the only hobby, but many people took it seriously and joined the industry as a professional. It requires patience, research, and knowledge about your local laws and soundings.

Most metal detectors look same in shape and size, but the ability of this machine depends on its coil size and technology, and its controlled box that helps detectorist to identify their targets as per their requirements.

When it comes to choosing the best metal detector for beginners, it can be a hard task if you would not have basic knowledge of metal detecting.

8 Metal Detector for Beginners That You Can Buy Now!

  • Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector
  • Fisher F22 Metal Detector
  • Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector
  • Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV
  • Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector
  • Teknetics EuroTek PRO Metal Detector
  • Bounty Hunter TIME RANGER Metal Detect
  • Bounty Hunter Junior (BHJS)

What is the Best Beginners Metal Detector for Anyone Interested in Starting the Hobby?

Top 8 Best Beginners Metal Detectors 2019

Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector Submersible Search Coil 5.2 Pounds Check Price
Fisher F22 Weatherproof Submersible Search Coil 3 Pounds Check Price
Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector 8 inches and 75-inch Coil 2 Pounds Check Price
Teknetics EuroTek PRO 8-Inch Concentric Coil 2.4 Pounds Check Price
Bounty Hunter TIME RANGER 8 Inch Waterproof Search Coil 5 Pounds Check Price

There are a bunch of beginners metal detectors available online, and it is hard to choose the right one. Below we have a collection of best beginners metal detector that helps to choose the right one.

We have tried to put maximum information about the below beginner metal detector reviews. However, the choice will be yours as what would you be looking for from your first metal detector.

1. Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector

Garrett has launched the sensational Ace 300 metal detector laced with exceptional qualities. Ace 300 is a solid build with easy to operate mode.

The device is an excellent choice for the detectorists that want a quality metal detector at a reasonable price.

The most amazing feature is the interface, sophisticated enough to engage the hobbyist yet simple for the beginners to learn.

This unit is reliable for finding small jewels, relics, and coins. Ace 300 is the upgrade for the Ace 250 with digital target ID for the pinpoint an exact target identification.


  • Enhanced iron resolution
  • Better search coil for great performance
  • User-friendly, economical
  • Electronic pinpointing mode to efficiently mark the target
  • 8 adjustments to control the depth without giving false results
  • Depth indicator to give you the idea of how much to dig to find your precious jewel.


  • No adjustable ground balance
  • No iron audio
  • Not for wet surface

While using the Garrett Ace 300 approximate depth accuracy was marked between 8 to 10 meters. Talking about the ground balance sensitivity, you cannot adjust it according to your need as it set by the manufacturer at factory setting mode. Just because of the single frequency, Ace 300 will poorly perform on the wet surfaces.

For example, the device will not work to its full extent on the beach sand or salt water while the device will work perfectly on dry sand as the coil submersible. For the machine with exceptional qualities, it weighs only 2.8 lbs which are quite light and easy to maneuver. This metal detector is strictly not made for water detection yet it still provides waterproofing for coils and poles making it useful for shallow water detection.

Garrett Ace 300 is an amazing device living up to the reputation of Garrett providing effective and efficient services for both beginners and professionals.

2. Fisher F22 Metal Detector

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal DetectorFisher’s gadget helps you to detect the metals in a quick yet efficient way. This is a “turn on and go” detector and is best fitted to entry-level detectorists searching for a strong and reasonable well-rounded machine for the coin, jewelry, and relic looking.

There are 10different sensitivity levels available to control this metal detector.

I love this because of its lightweight, and yes it is energy efficient device that can be powered with only 2 AA batteries, the high-quality VDI readout help you determine easily what you looking for. The pinpointer works well on the metal detector, however, it only works when they’re in a pointer button is held down on the Fisher.

It’s a smaller, a lot of slender coils that is great for choosing out sensible targets amongst iron and trash. The coil submersible thus you’ll use in shallow water.

Simply bear in mind to not get the control box wet as it’s not completely weatherproof – not submersible. The LCD screen of F22 contains Target Category ID Numbers that tell you kind of metal you have found. This detector has different tones. The F22 iron audio feature permits you to exaggerate iron signals so you will be able to save your time by not digging the unwanted targets.


  • Weather Resistant
  • Feature pinpoint mode
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Detects metals up to 9 inches deep
  • New Coil Design
  • Fast Recovery speed


  • No Backlight
  • No volume control
  • No manual ground balance

The F22 has improved electronic equipment that permits for quicker process and recovery speed.  This gadget lets you customize your settings and save the configuration, so you don’t need to worry if you turned off the detector, your settings would be saved.

Overall the Fisher F22 is a great gadget and offer a great deal useful for money.  Whether you’re starting out, or need a backup detector, the Fisher F22 would be a superb choice.

3. Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector

Tesoro Compadre Metal DetectorThe Tesoro Compadre metal detector is one of the toughest builds in surprisingly affordable price. This device is the perfect companion for the kids that want a sophisticated and quality metal detector at a reasonable price.

Not only for the kids the Compadre is also for the adults and experienced people who prefer reliable and solid metal detectors.

The Compadre has lifetime warranty proving its tank-like build and super recovery speed for the accurate results without missing anything.


  • The choice between 8 inches and 75-inch coil in the same price
  • 2 lbs give the ultimate lightweight feature
  • The super build makes it more powerful than the most expensive detectors


  • Lack of screen
  • Not for wet surfaces

The most amazing feature of this device lies in its simplicity. It is one the easiest metal detector to use. The people who are hesitant to use the technology or easily get confused by the fancy user interfaces, this metal detector is the perfect choice for them.

Moreover, don’t get distracted by the simple look and think of it as a toy, it is one of the sophisticated metal detectors with powerful hardware for efficient usage.

Talking about the operating frequency of the detector, the compadre has 12 kHz operating frequency which makes it a superior choice for the detection of coins, jewels, small metals, and relics. All in this entire machine upholds the name of Tesoro for providing excellent machines with high-quality hardware. The compadre can be the lifetime partner in finding the treasures and enjoying the adventures.

4. Teknetics EuroTek PRO Metal Detector

Teknetics EuroTek PRO The TekneticsEurotek Pro another sensitive metal detecting device that comes with all the required functions needed for a decent hunt.

This sensing element has an associate 11-inch biaxial DD search coil to make your detecting more fun. The handbook says it’s rated to observe coin-sized objects concerning 9.5 inches deep at most sensitivity.

Speaking of sensitivity, the Eurotek professional has ten levels of sensitivity, and also the factory default is 7, or concerning 70% of most. Eurotek Pro pinpoint mode is very easy to learn, as it is the central button on the front screen and can additionally “pinpoint” what is underground. The Eurotek Pro runs on a 9-volt battery and is committed to giving you 20 to 25 hours of metal detecting before you have to change the battery.

The Eurotek Pro has a motion discrimination mode but not nothing. This gadget has an iron target indicator, well balanced. A very improved gadget that permits for a quicker process and fast recovery speed.

Depth goes through on screen 5 notches: one notch indicates the objects are 2.5 inches deep, two notches mean 3 and so on reaching 8 inches deep with all 5 notches illuminated. This gadget has an iron audio feature along with number target ID which tells you the amount of metal you found.


  • Iron Target Indicator
  • Iron Audio
  • Fast recovery speed
  • Well balanced
  • Motion Discrimination mode
  • Fe Tone Variable Iron discrimination
  • Great Target Separation
  • The Display is uncluttered and very easy to interpret


  • Heavy Weight
  • It doesn’t estimate depths very accurately
  • No Digital Target ID
  • No adjustable ground balance

This gadget comes with two different coils i.e. 8” concentric coil and 11” concentric coil. Remember, the ‘right detector’ depends on the factors like skill, budget, location, use, etc. and I think it has almost all the factors and good factors means a good hunt.

5. Bounty Hunter TIME RANGER Metal Detect

Bounty Hunter Time RangerIt is like manner has a large LCD appear with a readout highlight and totally programmable touchpad control.

This makes it suitable despite for segment level customers who are yet becoming more acquainted with these machines. The show exhibits control of target significance, its character, battery and affability levels.

The iron level and partition moreover appear on the show. Close to the standard of affectability; these two can be changed to suit slants of the individual doing the range. People who search for coins consider this as the best metal detector for the money. Extended affect ability diminishes electromagnetic impedance like this you won’t get beeps that are lost and vain results.

The sound has three-tone detachment and four-level iron isolation. Every one of these chips away at an in-developed speaker and are great with headphones also. It has sniff mode, which can be used to discard metals that are typically experienced as waste in one locale.

This makes the chase more drew in and is useful for mid-level waste regions with containers and other trash stores in the earth. The part moreover allows the quest for only a single thing on the target ID scale.

6. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Gold DiggerBigger things can be looked to a profundity of 2 feet. It is appropriate for breadths in the shoreline, at the recreation center or in your patio.

It has programmed tuning and ground adjust which adapt to the ground. This is critical as various soils have different mineral substance and in high fixation, a gadget would go off at every turn.

It likewise has a fortune meter, and its affability can be controlled. This proves to be useful when in shoreline for instance where there could be many commotions around from stores on the sand. As the name of this device suggested its work, the experts found this as the best metal detector for gold.

There is a waste eliminator to permit the client to focus in on pearls and forget jars and nails. An all-metal movement mode is similarly accessible for the discovery of all metals in a zone; you might need to know the level of metal fixation first before starting a predetermined pursuit, isn’t that so?

It accompanies earphones and an earphone jack. It utilizes two 9V antacid batteries which are excluded in the buy. It is an abundance seeker item inferring consistent quality and ensures excellent bundling that is affirmed disappointment free. It is along these lines simple to set up and utilize.

7. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IVThis terrible machine is worked to withstand any conditions out there. It can be utilized even in salt water shorelines with high mineral substance and on grounds with excellent mineral content too.

This is most likely because it has preset ground adjust that kills because of the minerals in the ground. This permits it to dispose of undesirable metals consequently, can recognize press from significant metals.

It has a plate or score control for this reason. Affectability can be confirmed to decrease electromagnetic obstruction.

The submersible loop is 8-inch and can be utilized as a part of shallow waters and damp grass. It can seek up to 8″ profound for coins and related estimated items and 3 for bigger articles.

It has three operation modes: movement all-metal mode which recognizes all metals with one tone, segregation mode which disposes of iron and other waste and Tracker IV which utilizes two distinct sounds to identify junk from best beginner metal detector.

It is similarly light for simple mobility: one can clear for longer time frames without getting drained. Its ergonomic plan is likewise made for solace and simple dealing with. Its tallness can be changed by your comfort and has a cushioned armrest. It additionally has an indicator stand.

8. Bounty Hunter Junior (BHJS)

Bounty Hunter Junior (BHJS)As the name recommends, this gadget is made considering the children. Thus, nothing is saved about solace.

It is super light so it can be utilized for a considerable length of time and its ergonomics include a flexible shaft which is great since youngsters tend to develop so quickly! The pole stretches out up to 2.25 inches.

It has the one-tone sound marker which gets louder as one nears the objective.

It has an exceptional separation control to forget press and other undesirable articles unless generally in which case you can even now modify that. It additionally works with a preset ground adjust that guidelines out minerals in various soil sorts.

It additionally has an all-metal mode which identifies all metals inside the range. Talking about range, it can recognize coins as profound as 5″ and 2 feet for bigger articles.

The 6.5-inch loop is tyke verification which is evoked by an all-climate configuration on the off chance that your tyke abandons it outside after playing.

The control board has a power meter and a visual target framework. Small batteries are additionally demonstrated. It requires two 9V primary batteries to work. This gadget can keep a youngster engaged for a considerable length of time.

Tips for Choose Beginners Metal Detectors in 2019

In case you’re to get the most out of your new buy and furthermore guarantee that before disappointment sets in you’re ready to comprehend what you have found before you can uncover it, you must know where to pursuit, how to look and eventually how to make the most out of your best beginner metal detector. These tips will prove to be useful with regards to this.

Inquire About

The main tip that can be useful in ensuring that you expand on the utilization of metal detecting and ready to locate the correct territory. Ensure you explore your new or potential spots. This makes it less demanding for you to get those that are potential gold mines.

Fortune or Trash

The measure of fortune that you’re ready to discover relies on how well you have come to know your machine and the territory that you are in. In any case, you ought to expect that over 60% of what you will discover will go ideally back to the junk can yet the fortunes you find make the battle justified, despite all the trouble.

Uncover It All

As much as a portion of the machines are worked with separating capacities until you can recognize the signs transmitted by your device, it is more secure for you to uncover every one of the signs. The segregation programming wipes out the location of things like nails and draws tabs however at times; you may likewise pass up a great opportunity for the little gold rings and nickels because the machine is not ready to recognize these from the force tabs. This is the reason; it is critical to ensure that you uncover everything.

Avoid Over-Burden Zones

While the more signs you get, the higher shots there are of you striking it rich, as a tenderfoot this could overpower for you. You might need to contrast this until you’re ready to recognize the signs better so that you just borrow what is essential.

Cover After Digging

It is vital to ensure that you include your openings in the wake of burrowing. This is to a greater degree a prudent stride since you don’t need individuals and even creatures stumbling and disjoining their lower legs on the gaps that you borrowed.

Looking at Cleaned-Out Areas

On the off chance that you are aware of a range that has been extremely chased however might want to attempt your luckiness, it is ideal if you go and seek the region after an adequate storm. The ground, for the most part, has better conductivity when it is wet so your machine can check significantly more profound. Because of the fewer diversions, will probably strike it enormous in such zones.


Since you realize what you should search for best apprentice metal detector and furthermore the tips to guide you in your chase, above four best metal detector for beginners may fit your criteria and spending plan faultlessly.

Tips and Tricks: How to Use a Metal Detector

Whether you are a beginner or a hobbyist or a professional user of a metal detector, it is not a mine headache here. But, regarding the interest of using the metal detector perfectly is the main perspective of this article of mine. So, if you are a quite vain one to use a metal detector properly, then the objectives you keep in your mind will fall flat on the ground. And your money for the metal detector, your interest and hobby will be valueless on the way to a happy journey of metal detecting adventure. So, never be worried of how to use a best metal detector properly. Because I'm here to guide you unless you finish a successful detection.

Get Your Metal Detector Assembled and Introduced to the Settings First​

I guess you have got a metal detector on your choice. It doesn't matter what brand you chose for you. But the basic concept of every setting is almost the same. So, to have a fruitful use of a metal detector, I will delve into every function and be setting first for your convenience. Then we will go through field level operation to experiment a real taste of a metal detecting expedition. Now I'm going to introduce you the basic four parts and their roles of an ideal metal detector.

The Basic Parts of a Metal Detector

Tips and Tricks: How to Use a Metal Detector 2

4. Shaft: It is a kind of flexible metal part that joins stabilizer, control box, search coil and other required units like a speaker, display unit, headphone and so on. It is also a customizable metal bar. So, one can adjust it to his or her height as ease of a searching operation.

1. Stabilizer: A stabilizer of a metal detector controls the whole detection operation. It keeps the entire unit of metal detector steady.​

2. Control box: This is a central processing unit of a metal detector. It incorporates with the speaker, microprocessor, and batteries. In one word, it is a nervous system of a metal detector like a human body.​

3. Search Coils: Search coils are considered as a nasal passage of a metal detector. It can smell and identify the objects. In a metal detector, there are two search coils. One coil pinpoints an object and the other coil identifies the aspect of the objects and sends the information to the display unit. And the control box commands the whole way of an operation.

The Basic setting for the Functions of a
Metal Detector

1. Discrimination setting

This setting helps users to distinguish the searching objects. If the discrimination setting is at very minimum or zero, then all objects will be detected as neutral to the views of a metal detector. I mean; then, all the objects will be the same without any discrimination to the metal detector. On the other hand, if you increase the discrimination level a bit high digit to digit, then the metal detector will start rejecting the objects under the built-in setting of a metal detector. So, for better discrimination result, you should collect some different types of metals and experiment them in increasing or in decreasing the discrimination level practically. Because it will be nice to record the result for a future setting.

2. Sensitivity setting

We know that the soil contains various type materials such as minerals, irons, rock and so on. The sensitivity setting confirms the existence of the materials underground. So, very often this setting becomes a disturbance for the detecting work. Because it makes beeps at every component during a metal searching operation. However, the setting should be at lowest level to get rid of extravagant noise during a search for metal.

3. Ground balance setting

This setting indicates the depth of ground you want to pinpoint your metal detector's sensor. So, the setting depends upon your choice. The automatic ground balance system is good for hunting the gold nuggets.

4. Display unit

The display unit will help you to provide the measurement of the depth to be excavated for objects if found. Otherwise, the modern metal detector displays the nature of objects.

5. Headphone setting

Headphone setting is very important. Because when the detector detects a targeted object, then the headphone will help you to hear about the objects details.

However, at least the above settings are quite enough to accomplish a metal detecting work. As you have a good sense of the above settings, I hope a very little bit is left. I think, you will be able to do that alone.

Rehearsal at Home before Being to Outdoor

Your metal detector is ready. And you are standing on the tract to operate it. You know that excitement is working in your mind. So, to satisfy your excitement, place some metal objects such as coins, bottle caps, can caps, pieces of silver, jewelry, nails, etc. on the rough surface on a wooden floor. Now, run your metal detector back and forth over the objects left on the floor. You precisely notice that the sound is being changed for the different types of objects that search coil passes over. The different types of sound indicate the different types of object. So, remember the sound against the objects. Because it'll be helpful for you later.

Tips and Tricks: How to Use a Metal Detector 4

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Finally Start your Mission Outdoor

After a home rehearsal, you have experienced a bit to operate the metal detector as well. Now select your spot and go through hunting the metal objects. As you are ready with your location, just switch on your metal detector. And get all the settings in standard mode. Now swing the search coil of your metal detector slowly overlapping each sweep and walk around the location you target for prospecting your metal objects.

Tips and Tricks: How to Use a Metal Detector 6

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However, remember one thing that, you have to sweep the search coil back and forth so steadily that no target is left over. Because if your metal detector can identify your targeted objects, then the receiver search coil will send the signal of the types of objects it finds. And the display unit will show all the information about the objects pinpointed during the search operation.

However, a modern metal detector makes different types of sounds for different types of objects. So, it is important for a beginner to record and practice all the sounds against different objects for future expertise. After all, to operate a metal detector is not a matter of short time. It takes a long time to master with the deals.

The ultimate suggestion

At the end of a guideline of how to use a metal detector, I would like to suggest you being after practice and practice. Otherwise, the good concepts of the most important settings of the functions must be helpful to handle metal detector easy. So, get skilled in mastering the metal detecting mission soon and enjoy it in your life. Have a happy mission with your metal detector.​

Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector Review 2019 – Best for Kids

Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal DetectorThis metal detector is specifically made for kids. The size of this metal detector is perfectly compatible for kids under ten years of age. The Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector will be a great tool to help your kids to enter the metal detector industry. The detector is made up of solid quality material and has some features of entry-level adult metal detectors.

The detect can find coins and cans that are hidden under 5 feet. You just need to let you know kids know the exact use of this metal detector and they will start detecting things quickly. There are bounty hunter junior metal detector reviews will help you to know what people are thinking about this device.

The bounty hunter metal detector is perfect to use for any child who just has a bit of interest in metal detecting. You don’t need to think about the metal detecting complexity. As mentioned above this metal detector is specifically manufactured for kids and have very simple options to use. Your kids just need to adjust the power knob and set its senility level. The eliminator knob is helpful to discrimination for several objects.

Junior T.I.D. Metal DetectorThe bounty hunter junior metal detector helps your kids to detect metals with a beep. This way your kids will be able to know the different tones of metal detecting. There are several intros and use videos available on the internet, and your kids can watch them to learn the exact use of the device. If you want to see the worth of this metal detector just look at Amazon where thousands of customers have shared positive thoughts about this device.

You can give a start to your kid’s metal detecting from your backyard, or you can choose any of their favorite park or beaches. You can intestinally hide some metals in the ground or sand and let your kids find them using the Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector. To increase their interest in detecting you can hide the favorite toys that are made of metal and give them a task to find it. Initially, your purpose should be making the metal detecting fun, that will increase their interest.

Why Buy T.I.D Metal Detector Over the Others?

As per my opinion, one of the major reason to buy this metal can be bounty hunter junior metal detector reviews as many people have mentioned their positive thoughts about this beginner metal detector. This device provides you with more features at the very affordable price. Your kids will be able to adjust the sensitivity level and discrimination like a pro. Also, it is designed as per kids’ mindset to make metal detecting as fun. The metal detector comes with a small and lightweight shaft.

bounty hunter junior metal detector reviews


  • Perfectly sized for kids under 8 years
  • Slightly older kids
  • Target Identification and Discrimination
  • Different sensitivity levels
  • Different metal Identification
  • Metal category identification
  • Avoid trash and unwanted metals

How Bounty Hunter Joiner Tid Locate the Targets

Ferrous: This metal detector comes with iron targets identification feature including nails, bolts, screws, and some large iron substances like talismans. The Joiner TID will identify the low-pitch acoustic tone and display the sad face icon.

Non-ferrous low electrode: This comprises us nickels, many jewels, and small jewels but also includes many waste items as tin style foil, pull tabs bolt, caps and flask taps. The junior TID will show results with an average pitch acoustic tenor and show the question mark icon.

Non-Ferrous high conductor: This comprises most copper and silver also contemporary clad money plus most jewelry made from silver. The Junior TID will reply with a high tone show the happy face icon.

How to Use the Bounty Hunter Junior TID Metal Detector


Having some basic features this Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector is going to be an ultimate choice for your kids. It would be hard for you to find a detecting machine for your kids at this affordable price.

Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector Review – A Perfect Choice for Professionals

Quick silver metal detector If you are the one who loves coin shooting and want to hunt relic or even looking for a general metal detector, this is going to be an ideal choice for you. The smooth bounty hunter quicksilver metal detector helps you to understand the use of this metal detector. This metal detector featured like as several expensive machines including easy to read and understand visual target identification.

The built-in speaker helps you to use it without headphones. The adjustable aluminum road makes it a perfect device to use for every age people. This machine is packed with 5-years warranty. Here’s what how I found this metal detector as best to review it for you.

Audio Target Identification System

The built-in speaker helps you to identify the targeted metals with three different tones. You don’t need to look at the screen again and again because the audio system will keep you updated with target identification. You can identify the goal with three different tones; low, medium and high based on the object you find. You can look on the LCD to confirm what metal you have found.

Advanced Notch Discrimination

QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector is best to remove the junks and detect your desired items. The high metal detector helps you to avoid indicating foils, aluminum, and iron. It only identifies items that are profitable for you. You can set it to prevent particular items by pressing the Notch button you can accept or reject the metals.

Easy to use

Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick SilverIf you are new to the industry, the bounty hunter quicksilver metal detector helps you to learn the correct use of this device. There are no complicated settings required to use this metal detector. All you need to is power on the device and start searching for your desired metals.

Jumbo Size LCD

You’ll love this feature of this metal detector. It has a large LCD that help in clear indication, so you will not have to get into the trouble of digging again and again. The display will indicate the process of identification and will avoid showing things like soda cans, dimes or iron pieces. This way you can focus on your desired things.

Great Features at Affordable Price

This is a light weight product and has the 8-inch diameter and waterproof search coil. You can use this metal detector on all types of surfaces including beach and water. You just need to be careful when using it in water it should not be a plugin with electric. However, it’s a great device to search your desired metals on the beaches that are hidden in deep.

Excellent Sensitivity

You can set the sensitivity level from 1-6 so you can even find the most desired metals. The higher sensitivity level you will choose the more chances will there. You can adjust the device as per your requirements and make your search easier.

Battery Level Indicator

Quick silver pro

Using this metal detector you will be able to search metal detector for several hours. The high and 9-volt Alkaline battery give it full power. So, you can use it for 20 to 25 hours. The battery indicator display allows you to stay updated about battery health.


Sometimes we have to use a metal detector for a long time and the massive weight machines do not allow to use them for the extended time. So, the lightweight feature lets you use QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector for a long time. The metal detector weighs only 2.4 pounds, so it is easy to carry anywhere.


  • Automatic ground balance
  • Squelch-tech eliminates false signals
  • Push-button discrimination
  • 1-touch depth control
  • Digital target identification
  • 3-tone audio feedback
  • Easy-view LCD


  • Long Battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Defend Sensitivity
  • Excellent sensitivity


If you are looking for an all in one featured metal detector from the bounty hunter series, this is going to be one of your best choices. This metal detector comes with several great features that we can find in high metal detectors but at a very decent price. The bounty hunter quicksilver metal detector is a perfect choice for those who take metal detecting as a hobby.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Review 2018 – Best for Gold Finding

Fisher Gold Bug ProFisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector was initially released in 2010, but even after six years, it is still in production. This is one of the reasons that urges me to write a review on this metal detector. You will find this detector one of the easiest tools to find your desired metals. The model is specifically made with the Teknetics G2 technology. This technology has a different rod and assembly process which is different from the standard 11″ elliptical DD coil.

The Gold Bug Pro comes in three different versions:

  • A 5″ round DD coil
  • A 7″ x 11″ elliptical DD coil
  • A 13″ Ultimate DD Coil

Get the Gold Bug Fever

If you are the enthusiast to discover the gold this metal detector will be your ideal choice. This metal detector is specifically designed to locate the smallest pieces of gold even under the highly-mineralized soils. I am sure this will be a wise choice to experience the evolution of metal detecting.

Discover Tiny Nuggets

Using this metal detector allows you to detect gold at old grounds. The Fisher Gold Bug Pro has the punch down design to locate the metals at difficult places. There’s a prison LCD that gives you perfect results to point the targets perfectly. The higher frequency makes the perfect finding even of the smallest nuggets.

Best for Gold Finding

If you are looking to find the gold, this is going to be a perfect choice. This metal detector helps you to become a treasure hunter with ease. The big size LCD show you the exact results and help you consider the target. The metal detector weighs only 2.5-pounds and is easy to carry for a long period. If you are the new user and want to locate gold with ease, this is an excellent choice. This is also perfect for the people who have a lower fitness level.

Latest Technology

Fisher Gold Bug ProFisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector’s coil is made with the 11 DD Bi-Axial technology. This latest technology gave this detector ability to detect from the different parameters. The krona battery is being used for the power supply that gives it maximum backup to use it for a long time. The adjustable shaft can be set between 105cm to 130cm.


  • Very subtle to smaller nuggets
  • Easy function that makes it use a fun
  • Strong coil design removes the essential for a coil shelter
  • Fast and accurate target recovery speed even at difficult and hard surfaces
  • High sensitivity to the low conductors that help to find elusive gold items
  • Balanced and lightweight machine can be used for several hours
  • Remarkably quick ground complementary feature
  • Greater audio data with usage of headphones


  • The deducting system which is V-Break works with perfection
  • Lightweight and very nice looking device
  • Very fast and for gold hunting
  • Remarkably good on low conductors
  • The sensitivity to high leading metals is very decent
  • The sensor responds to tiny gold nuggets with ease
  • AM mode is perfect as the gold prospecting mode


  • Detector misplaces its locations when twisted off
  • The board ID in AM is the whole thing only to a partial depth
  • Altering from recording to AM needs rotating a knob

Metal Detecting: Fisher Gold Bug Review and Testing


The Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector is perfect for gold prospecting. However, if you are looking for other metals, this won’t be the perfect choice because it is specially made for gold detection. The metal detector comes with the great ground balancing and adjustment options to detect gold even at critical places.

If you are just starting metal detecting as the hobby but your target is gold this metal detector will be a supreme pick. This metal detector is fall in mid-range price machines, so don’t need the higher budget to buy this detector.