Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector Review

Here’s one of the high-quality metal detector named Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Land ranger proDetector. This metal detector is created with the accuracy and precision. If you want a powerful and accurate metal detector, this is going to be your ideal choice. I can make you sure this will be your regular metal detector as it has very lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.

I have found this metal detector one of the best products by the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Metal Detector series; they have upgraded several hunting features in this model.

Here’s what I found unique in this Metal Detector:

Different Modes

If you are searching for coins or jewelry, you can set your desired mode. The bounty hunter pro metal detector comes with 7 different modes. It helps you to search the desired metals with ease. You can choose from the modes from:

  • All-metal
  • 2 tones
  • 3 tones
  • 4 tones
  • Artifacts
  • Jewelry
  • Coins

The tone will represent the frequency of targeted metals. All these modes make this detector different from others and a widely used machine by the different interest of people.

Improved Notch Discrimination

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger ProOnce you have chosen your preferred mode the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Metal Detector helps you in advanced metal detector search by improved notch dis discrimination feature. This feature allows you to avoid searching for trash. This way you can concentrate on the target by avoiding useless metals. That means when the detector will give an alert, you have found something that is really important.


When it comes to choosing a sensitive metal detector, there are fewer chances you have managed to find the desired one. However, Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Metal Detector would fit all of your needs. This different tone alerts and display features are helpful to find your desired metal. The device comes with 10 different sensitive scales, from which you can choose as per your sensitivity level.

Waterproof Coils

If you want to enjoy your search on the beach and this metal detector helps you to find your desired metals there. The waterproof coils of Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Metal Detector can be used freely in moisture places. The metal detector can search for 8-inch and 11-inch models that help you in the underwater search.

Target Identification LCD

LCD bounty hunter land ranger proThis metal detector comes with modern technology that makes things easy for you. The target identification LCD is one of the great features of Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector. This LCD helps you to identify the desired objectives and give you different alerts for different things like coins, coils and soda cans. The information will appear on the LCD, and you will know what you have found inside.

Light Weight

Once you buy this metal detector, you will not need to bring heavyweight metal detectors with you. This is going to be your ideal choice to bring anywhere you want. The lightweight feature will not only allow you to carry it anywhere but also let you search for more time without feeling tired.

Salient Features

  • Adjustable Iron Audio
  • Variable Notching Menu
  • Variable Tone Breakpoint
  • In-Depth Indicator with Pointer
  • Computerized Ground Balancing


  • I have already mentioned it’s a waterproof and lightweight metal detector
  • A high sensitivity that allows you 10 different sensitivity levels and 7 different modes
  • One of the advanced metal detectors from the Bounty Hunter Pro


All above-shared features of this metal detector are highly recommended for professionals. The 5-years warranty feels you secured to use Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Metal Detector freely. However, this metal detector is specially created for professionals, but the easy to use features allow the beginners to use this device.

Well, I don’t have any reason so far to prevent you buying Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector, so you can just determine your requirements and if it gets fit with them don’t hesitate to buy this metal detector.

Bounty Hunter DISC11 Discovery 1100 Metal Detector Review

When it comes to getting a reliable metal detector, Bounty Hunter is one of the most reliable names that hit our minds. Today I am going to review one of the top rated metal detectors that grabbed my interest while searching for a good metal detector that has some extraordinary features. Bounty Hunter DISC11 Discovery 1100 Metal Detector has what I was looking for.

Bounty Hunter DISC11

This device is loaded with great features like big size LCD, in-depth target, and long battery life features. If you are in search of some valuable targets, you can discriminate iron by pressing the button until you find the iron indicated by arrow point. If you are looking for discriminate silver and copper, you can press the button until “Silver Copper” is piercing out.

Adjustable Sensitivity

Using Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 you can adjust the sensitivity of your detector by pressing + and – buttons. These buttons are available on the right side of the interface. This way you can increase the likeliness to find you desired metals. This feature makes this machine professional and allows you control it in a better way for better performance.

Deep Dig

If you are a finder of something that is hidden in-depth, this is one of the top rated metal detectors. This metal detector will not miss anything hidden in-depth. The device comes with three audio tones that help you to locate different metals:

  • Low Tone: indicates iron and steel
  • Medium Tone: indicates pull-tabs and pennies
  • High Tone: Indicates quarters

Furthermore, you can continuously know how much battery the sensor has meanwhile the LCD screen delivers feedback on this.

Things to Watch Out For

Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 Metal Detector comes with a faceplate that shows it’s an entry-level metal detector. Being a beginner, you can have reasonable results from this device. I would not recommend you to get this machine if you are going to deduct something on the beaches. However, this is best for the dry places.

Best for Highly Mineralized Soil

Bounty Hunter DISC11 Discovery 1100This detector is best for highly mineralized soil that happens to the electromagnetic field of the detecting coil, the detector will beep, and its correctness possible somewhat upset at times even when the land is not rich in minerals.

Furthermore, you do not have lots of locations for the taste, which will finally result in excavating even for those boards you did not poverty to discovery.

Unlike other metallic sensors, the Detection 1100 from Bounty Hunter fixes not deliver graphic two-digit target documentation, and the acoustic tones may be problematic to hear except you accepted the phones distinctly.

One touch in-depth control

The thrust button judgment, one-touch depth controller, and LCD allow you to find any objective. The metal detector comes with a unique tone that different types of metals and find large objects over 2′ deep and coin-sized substances up to 6-inch deep.

Features & Specs 


  • The difference sounds for different metals
  • Push button discrimination
  • One-touch depth control
  • Three-segment depth help to buried in-depth objects
  • Detects large objects up to 2′ deep
  • Detects small objects up to 6″ deep


  • Transmission Frequency: 6.6 kHz
  • Coil Type: 7″ Concentric Search
  • Battery: 2 x 9V
  • Extended Length: 52″
  • Collapsed Length: 44″
  • Weight: 4.1 lbs.

What consumers are saying?

-DISC11-Discovery-1100-ReviewThis is an entry-level metal detector and best for the people who recently stepped into this industry. The Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 has been replied to by most clienteles who have accepted it.

Like one of the users of this top rated metal detector shared she has found some pendant, a ring, and several coins at her first user experience with this detector. She found the unit to be tremendously easy to move even for persons without any experience.


At first, the Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 has managed to get a place among one of the top rated metal detectors that help the beginners to find their desired, but since it has been exactly applied for beginners and less knowledgeable operators, its performance is still quite impressive. So, being a beginner, you must go with this best metal detector.

White’s GoldMaster GMT Metal Detector Review 2018

White's GoldMaster GMT Metal DetectorThe Whites GoldMaster GMT metal detector is going to be your best gold detector. It is being used in goldfields around the world! This whites GMT metal detector can find gold nugget even at the harsh grounds and eliminate iron to find even search for and prospecting nuggets large and small and coins too.

The reality is all ferrous identity structures are afflicted by the fact that a few gold nuggets will study as ferrous if small sufficient or deep enough.

Excessive gain stages additionally boom the opportunities for inaccurate consequences. A few golds detecting machines sincerely in magnetite in place of quartz and may be picked up with a magnet!

Nuggets of this kind have a sturdy possibility of being diagnosed as ferrous. On every occasion, viable a prospector ought to dig all targets. But, with this practice, a skilled operator of the GMT has a much more informative ferrous identification device at their disposal that if used nicely will result in fewer gold nuggets being left at the back of as trash objectives. Even though the GMT says the target is 90{709eab3ad97827f4a539d00afd5c133be8f231814960fe3c01aced331caba38a} probable ferrous it’s miles nevertheless telling you it’s for a 10{709eab3ad97827f4a539d00afd5c133be8f231814960fe3c01aced331caba38a} chance it is gold. How fortunate are you feeling?

Here’s how this detector is helping people to find their targeted metals specifically gold by finding out its best features:

This detector is using the unique technology that analyzes the iron with ease and eliminates false results. The manual control allows you to set your machine at the desired setting. This gold detector makes your work easier to reach your goal to monitor your tracking by utilizing the digital microprocessor software. This way you will automatically track your targets and avoid the mineralization.

Battery Pack for Houses of Metal Detecting

White's Goldmaster GMTYou will love this detecting machine, as it is very energy efficient as it is powered by only with AA-size batteries. If you want to keep its performance excellent, use the Alkaline batteries that are best for the GoldMaster GMT.

It allows you to continue your search over 40 hours with only 8 Alkaline batteries. You can even use the rechargeable cells to reduce your cost, however, using those cells, you will be able to search for 30-35 hours.

Easy to Use

Different safe adjusting threshold, seize Pulped for placing floor balance immediately, automatic floor balance, and follow the paystreak feature, which displays the number of magnetic minerals in the ground.

Incredible Gold Machine

The GMT gold detector will locate every little gold without problems. It’ll send you a unique tone as you swipe to help you in pinpointing your dig to your dry washer. Turn to gain up as excessive because it will cross without falling, and you will zero problems in hot ground.

At better ranges identifies it rocks with a weird double boring. Watching the LCD, and listening to the sound it has led me to pay streaks! You can make a couple of dollars doing this. Tremendous machine and is well worth its fee! all people poor mouthing this detector might be promoting an overestimated PI machine.

Audio Boost Setting

Lastly, the GMT offers an elective Audio Boost situation that intensifies the sound 4x. This makes pale signals louder but in the wicked ground can also decrease ground sound. Still, this is a tremendously useful function in this metal detector for eking faint targets out of the ground.


  • Approx. 40 hours of hunting
  • Elliptical “DD” search coil
  • Automatic Ground Balance
  • Iron Target Analyzer
  • “Follow the Paystreak”
  • Variable Self-Adjusting Threshold
  • The Grab push pad
  • Full-time Iron ID Bar Graph
  • Optional Audio Iron ID “Grunt.”
  • Initial Control Settings Slide-in “AA” Battery System
  • 48 kHz operating frequency

Gold Nuggets & Set Up Instructions for White’s GMT Metal Detector (Must Watch Video)


The maker of the detector is Kenneth G. White who had a simple philosophy, supply the patron fine and value and treat your personal like family. As the own family-owned business, our vision and values couldn’t be greater intently aligned. We inventory the full line of white steel detector and add-ons.

We paintings closely with Whittle to live current white their present-day products and generation. The manufacturing facility perfect product by the professionals like whites GMT metal detector will take some time to help you pick the right version on your wishes.

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro Metal Detector Review 2018

lone star proBounty Hunter Lone Star Pro Metal Detector is one of the initial models from the company’s bounty series. If you are the finder of coins and looking for a metal detector for some general use, this is going to be your perfect choice. This metal detector comes with great features like easy to read display and built-in headphones and speakers.

This metal detector is equipped with in-depth identification feature. The device comes with an exclusive 5-year warranty. Here’s something I found great in the loan star metal detector manual that impressed me to write this review:

Simple to use

If you are tired of using metal detectors that have complicated requirements to check the status and looking for a simple to use the device, your search may end here. Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro comes with the very simple options that are easy to memorize and beginners can easily understand all of its options.

Visual Battery Level Indicator

Now you don’t need to worry about the battery; it comes with long-lasting battery options and its visual battery level indicator keep you updated about the battery status. Its 9-volt Alkaline battery gives you more than 24 hours backup. Alkaline is one of the most recommended batteries by engineers.

Very Light Wight

Bounty Hunter Lone Star ProTired of caring heavy weight metal detectors? Don’t need to worry about! This Bounty Hunter Star Pro is lighter in weight. They used a lightweight material to make its display screen, handle, and other equipment. However, the battery contains somehow of its weight.

Good in Performance

The lone star metal detector manual shows it’s created by one of the top industry specialist Mr. Dave. He has experienced in designing top American companies’ metal detectors. This is another great piece designed by Dave for Lone Star Pro metal detector series. You can read many of its other great performance features in the loan star metal detector manual.

5-Years Warranty

It looks like they have made it with full of confidence that way offering the 5-years of quality assurance warranty. This metal detector is created to give excellent performance in different soil conditions; however, you can use it at parks or any sandy places.

Advanced Notch Discrimination

The advanced notch discrimination feature allows you to set this bounty hunter metal detector set for the specific needs. This way you can avoid from the metals like iron, foil, and aluminum so it helps you to identify the item you are looking for. As you can set it for particular metals, in the same way, you can set it to avoid from particular metals. I got in love with this device after reading this feature in the lone star metal detector manual.

Jumbo size LCD and in-depth display

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro Metal Detector Review 2018 1

This best metal detector is not going to waste your time to read the small digits if you identified something. On the other hand, the jumbo size LCD allows you to
identify the target with ease. This detector can easily find things like dimes, Pennies, soda cans, iron pieces, and others. The in-depth features will let you know how deep the item is found. The detector is capable of finding the 8-inch deep, but they large size items can be identified at more depth.Bounty Hunter Lone StarBounty Hunter Lone Star

Salient Features

  • 9-Target ID Categories
  • 1/4″ headphone jack
  • Graphic Target Depth Indicator
  • S-Rod for the armrest and better control
  • Sensitivity Bar Graph
  • Search Coil
  • Multiple Notching System


  • Touchpad with variable discrimination controls
  • 5-Segment digital target identification
  • 3-tone audio feedback
  • S-Rod for the armrest and better control
  • Automatic removal of unwanted objects
  • Three operating modes for different of hunting


While concluding, I can only say, this is one of the best metal detectors from Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro series. This is an ideal choice for those who want to get rid of complicated metal detectors. The decent price of this metal detector is attractive; that is very nominal while having such quality features and most importantly 5-years of warranty.

I would recommend this metal detector if you are a beginner and looking for an easy to use the machine to detect metals at the beach. While concluding, I can only say, this is one of the best metal detectors from Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro series. This is an ideal choice for those who want to get rid of complicated metal detectors.

The decent price of this metal detector is attractive; that is very nominal while having such quality features and most importantly 5-years of warranty. I would recommend this metal detector if you are a beginner and looking for an easy to use the machine to detect metals at the beach.

Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector Review 2018 – Best for Gold Detector

Garrett AT GoldToday you are going to know about one of the best metal detectors being reviewed on the if you are an enthusiast to professional metal detecting I will recommend you to go with the machine.

This is going to be a perfect fit for the professional metal detector under their budget. If you are looking for a gold detector, this Garrett AT Gold metal detector review is going to be a helpful read for you. This metal detector comes with five years of warranty and lots of great features that urge me to write a review on this detecting machine.

The entrusting thing is, having access to all types of metal detectors, I have experience the usage of the AT seasoned as I initially unpacked it out of the field. It’s miles my go to metal detector if I am going out treasure looking with the lads and we aren’t certain where we can come to be.

It clearly is the jack of all trades steel detector that can take care of any terrain conditions, even as always handing over effects.

The AT PRO Display

Garrett 1140680 AT Gold Metal DetectorAbout this metal detector, you will love its AT PRO interface. It’s a user-friendly feature as it is simple to use and the beginners can understand it with ease. With all the significant information, you will need to be shown without facing it. The first object that will stand out on the AT PRO show is the Digital Target ID, which works from 0 to 99. This isn’t somewhat you will see on any of the other Garrett metal sensors, and it will help you to make your metal detecting life easier.

Search Coil

The search coil of the metal detector helps you choose any option as per your targeted metals. The standard search coil is of 8.5-inch x 11-inch DD Performance submersible search coil. It comes with the DD search coil that is one of the best of its kind and comes with extensive options for the treasure hunters.

Detection Modes

There are six different detecting methods available in AT PRO, out of with 3 is standard, and 3 are Pro modes, you just need to pick the one that fits your needs. Both types of models have three discrimination modes to select from Custom, Coins & Zero.

Garrett Gold Nugget Detector

Target Identification (TID)

Target Identity is best for everyone to who want to targets probable identity the users can set the range of between 1 to 99, as per their requirements. You just need to remember the code of your targeted metal and set your metal detector accordingly, for example, if you want to locate iron you just need to set it at 35 TID and start detecting.

Pro Audio Mode

The Garret AT Gold Metal Detector has the standard audio mode that provides a full forte audio reply – this means that it will continuously provide a reliable, steady tone no matter the target or the complexity of the target.

The Pro mode lets you catch a lot extra about your desired target; this stretches you a lot of additional info about the kind of item you have originate. For example, if you want to start moving away from a metal that you will notice that the auditory gets weak, and as you contract closer the audio will get sturdier.

High-Res Iron Discrimination

The AT Pro originates with top red iron taste levels of amongst 1 to 40. Location the precise judgment level is significant so that you can evade selection up belongings like rusty nails or any other unwanted metals.


  • Iron Audio
  • Pin Pointer
  • Digital target ID
  • Ground Balance

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review and Depth Test


What’s here not to like? The Garrett AT PRO is an excellence metal detector for the gold detector; it is valued very well for the features that it comes with. There’s nothing complicated to operate and despite this existence what I would class mid to expert level metal detector, it is humble enough for even new users. I will only say a word ‘yes’ if you don’t want to waste your time on detecting junk, this is going to be the best suitable machine for you.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector Review (2018)

Fisher Gold Bug ProThe Fisher Gold Bug Pro has been in the marketplace for many years currently, and it’s evidenced itself to be an awfully capable at finding gold nuggets. What I have exclusive return to get great results from once mistreatment it’s however well the target ID feature works thereon.

Most area units that I hunt moderate to extraordinarily trashy, and having the ability to fairly determine what the target is within the ground is admittedly helpful.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Features

Here are some special features of fisher gold bug pro metal detector:

Very Low Frequency Detector (VLF)

The Gold Bug Pro Metal detector is on par with most different VLF detectors that area unit designed for locating gold nuggets once it involves depth. It’s obvious limitations at depth in comparison to a detector mistreatment pulse induction technology. Most targets that I dig with it area unit 10” in less within the ground.

Detect Deeper

Fisher Gold Bug ProFor sure, a bigger piece of metal can hold forth at a lot of deeper than that. However, the standard gold lump advisement up to some grams is sometimes found among that high 10”. The smaller flakes and “crumbs” area unit typically restricted to among some inches of the surface.

As for sensitivity, the fisher gold bug pro detector is usually compared to its forerunner, the Gold Bug 2. The GB2 has been around for nearly twenty years currently and incorporates a legendary name for its extreme sensitivity to little gold. I have seen it notice little bits of alluvial sediment that were thus little they wouldn’t even register on a digital scale.

Extraordinary Sensitivity

While this can be a limitation of the machine, I feel that the advantages outweigh the drawbacks in most things for some reasons. The extraordinarily high in operation frequency creates that produces. The GB2 such a sensitive detector also can make it extraordinarily troublesome to work inbound things.

In some places that have extremely mineralized ground or Associate in the Nursing abundance of “hot rocks,” mistreatment the GB2 are often nearly not possible.

Search at Trashy Locations

I know that countless lump hunters feel the necessity to dig all targets and that I can agree that this can be an honest selection in several areas. However, once searching in extraordinarily trashy locations, excavation all targets is just not realistic. I have been in places that I wouldn’t have gone over fifty feet in an exceedingly whole day if I had chosen to dig each piece of metal.

Associate in Nursing previous sluice box or a pile of cans from a hundred years alone are often reduced to virtually thousands of metal scraps nowadays.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Trashy Locations


  • Computerized Ground Grab Tm
  • Static pinpoint with depth indicator
  • Dual electro-acoustic transducer jack
  • 19kH in operation Frequency
  • Independent management over threshold and gain
  • Continuous ground conditions readouts
  • Rea-Time computerized Ground balance
  • Requires 1-9volt battery
  • Ultra-Lightweight


  • The discrimination system works alright
  • The sensitivity to high conducting metals is extremely sensible too
  • The detector responds to small gold chains in each mode
  • Modulation of the signal works fine and is extremely pleasant to use
  • The ground balance is extremely straightforward to regulate, be it mechanically or manually


  • The detector loses its settings once turned off
  • The target ID (on the higher scale) in AM works solely to a restricted depth
  • Changing from disc to AM needs turning a knob. Bit odd


Metal Detecting: Fisher Gold Bug Review and Testing


As mentioned earlier, what I like in the fisher gold bug pro metal detector is its wonderful target ID. Currently detain mind that you simply forever need to seek for gold within the all-metal mode, instead of indiscriminate mode.

In theory, you’ll use a discrimination to blank out iron targets, however actually, it doesn’t work well because the overall sensitivity is reduced considerably and ends up in incomprehensible gold. It’s far better to run in All-Metal mode and use the target ID to come to a decision whether you would like to dig a target.

Top 5 Metal Detector for Gold Nuggets 2019

Get the meaning of your life with a metal detector in leisure time!

Best Metal Detector for GoldWe all people are anyway naturally bonding to our livelihood. But we get released once from the screwed responsibilities with a long sigh of relief. It’s freedom. It’s a leisure time for life.

So, to turn your leisure time into some golden hours, stay with us; stay with some metal detectors of entertainment that will give you the full meaning of the rest of your life. The secret I say is the best metal detector for gold.

Top 5 Best Metal Detector for Gold: 5 Great Choice

Fisher Gold Bug-2 Elliptical Search Coil 2.9 Pounds Check Price
Bounty Hunter DISC11 Discovery 1100 7-inc Waterproof, Interchangeable Coil 1.54 Pounds Check Price
Garrett 1140680 AT Gold Double-D Submersible Search Coil 14.1 Ounces Check Price
Fisher Gold Bug Pro Biaxial Search Coil 2.5 Pounds Check Price
White's Goldmaster GMT Waterproof Search Coil 4.3 Pounds Check Price

What’s the Best Metal Detector for Finding Gold?

Like fishing, traveling, gardening etc., finding gold with a nice metal detector is also a decent hobby to some people across the world. It’s a very interesting and time worthy.

So, you have the full amusement when to let detect gold with an ideal metal detector you choose. There are different brands and types of metal detectors available. But for you, I am naming some of them are credible and work well according to my day-long research and efforts to collect reviews on the issues.

They are very much perfect to locate the gold nuggets with a keen sensitivity and other settings. Below are the recorded as the best selling metal detectors worldwide.

1. Fisher Gold Bug-2 – With 6 1/2″ Elliptical Search Coil

Fisher Gold Bug-2For gold nuggets, Fisher Gold Bug 2 is the most popular of the metal detector lovers. That the features lead this device to a front line of the best metal detectors, are fully functional and have fruitfulness in a detecting operation for gold.

So, you should know about all the features and settings of the metal detector first. Let’s go…

Feature & Specification

Extraordinary Sensitivity: On a searching operation in a high mineralized ground, the extraordinary sensitivity of the Fisher Gold Bug 2 detect gold easily. We know that the thick mineralized soil contains various types of elements inside.

So, to pinpoint a gold nugget, the multi-element soil condition becomes an impact to detect the target. But the Fisher Gold Bug 2 can cheat all of the problems regarding its high-frequency sensitivity. It’s good for a device.

Ultra Frequency: The highest frequency of the detector can easily detect the target ID. It hardly misses the target you set. It has a powerful 71 KHz operating frequency that can sense to very small gold nuggets.

Audio Signal: The audio signal of the Fisher Gold Bug 2 is great. It transmits the information of the metal types when the search coil confirms the target of metallic objects.

Dust & Moisture Resistance: The device is free from the attack of dust and moisture. It doesn’t catch rust even being left after use. It’s long-lasting.

Region: USA

According to the above review on the device, I can recommend you that choose it your own when you have already read out all the features. And I have just drawn some specifications helpful to you as well. So, the rest is left on you.

2. White’s Goldmaster GMT

White's Goldmaster GMTWhite GMT is very famous for gold miners around the world. The gold nuggets finder can skip the harsh ground during a search operation for gold. So, it can easily target the small and large gold nuggets or coins.

Otherwise, the extraordinary features make the detector popular and in the bestselling record. Being the best gold detector the features are as follow.

Feature & Specification

High Frequency: The high-frequency metal detector smells the gold nuggets in a less effort with its multi-functionalities. The search coils and its frequency are very functional to detect the target for gold nuggets.

Iron Analyzing Setting: In an iron analyzing setting, an operator can quickly reject the metal ground. As a result, it becomes the gold detection works easier. The digital microprocessor automatically tracks the mineralization and eliminates it.

Search Coil: White GMT contains a waterproof search coil. So, you can use the metal detector underwater.

Display Unit: The display unit of the metal detector shows the number of magnetic minerals in Moreover, it shows the percentage probability of iron. So, this is a helpful feature for gold detection.

Auto Ground Balance: White GMT has an automatic ground balance that can detect the targeted object automatically. The feature is very useful to detect the target easily.

Frequency: Operating Frequency 48 KHz

Weight: 3 lbs

Region: USA

However, every feature of the best gold detector is operational and helpful for users. So, for targeting the gold nuggets, this device may be the best one for anyone. The user-friendly metal detector will come in success if it is handled in skilled hands.

Because all the features are highlighted only for prospecting the gold nuggets. So, it is good for gold hunting. No doubt, one can easily go with it.

3. Garrett 1140680 AT Gold Metal Detector

Garrett 1140680 AT Gold Metal DetectorThis is also the best metal detector for gold. If you are very much interested in hunting the gold nuggets, this detector is, however, will be perfect for you.

Because It has some outstanding features and options that meet all the demand a gold hunter needs. The waterproof search coil will give you a complete taste of detecting the gold as a whole. The mentionable features and details will help you to understand all about the metal detector.

Feature & Specification

Search Coil: The submersible waterproof search coil helps you to detect gold under water. As a result, you have a two-way searching opportunity. It’s very popular with gold enthusiasts.

MasterSound Headphone: Garrett master sound headphone works well when a detection is successful in getting gold in operation. If gold is detected, you can hear it through an audio sound system. So, Garrett is great to hear.

All in One: Not only for gold nuggets, but the Garret can also deal with the others metal like a coin, jewelry, relic, etc. So, this is a cost-effective and versatile that you must like it.

Operating Frequency: It’s operating frequency is 18KHz that detects small size gold nuggets, coins, and jewelry.

Mode: Before using this device, you can control the setting for all metals. It quite depends upon you in how the way you want your detector to search objects.

Besides the very basic features for metal detectors, above are specialized and most privileged. So, the detailed features hint the device to be great at work. However, I recommend you take your side according to the features that are helpful to find gold nuggets.

4. Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal DetectorThe Fisher Gold Bug Pro is the choice for prospecting the gold nuggets. Its every feature and setting is very popular for the metal detecting workers.

It gives a successful operation result on a targeted object, especially for gold nuggets. The main features are-

Feature & Specification

Search Coil: The search coils are very sensitive. The small DD search coils can pinpoint the target easily. As a result, the time of the detecting for objects is saved.

Ground Balancing: The setting tells you how deeper you want to target your metal detector to find objects underground. You can control the ground balance using this setting.

Ground Condition Reader: During a search for gold, every after some time it informs the condition of the ground. As a result, the operator of a metal detector can decide about the detecting condition of the metal objects.

Depth Indicator: This setting tells about the depth of the target ID. So, the operator can understand the distance of the target.

Audio: V.C.O audio helps an operator to detail about the object on the way to find gold nuggets.

Graphic Indicator: The graphic indicates the amount of mineralization during a detecting work going on.

Weight: 2.5-lbs

Made in: The USA

The features of the metal detector are obviously excellent. For new or old users, it clearly depicts all the privileges it has. So, you can take your decision without any hindrance. Because everything is clear as a mirror. I think the details will be helpful on the way to your choice you go.

5. Bounty Hunter DISC11 Discovery 1100

Bounty Hunter DISC11 Discovery 1100To complete a challenging detecting operation for gold, Bounty Hunter DISC11 exceptionally comes in front of metal detector’s pool.

It can incorporate well with the high mineralized soils. So, it is good in use. There are more some features you can see below.

Feature & Specification

3-Tone Audio ID: During ongoing operation for metal, the 3-tone audio ID of the bounty hunter gives the different unique tones for different types of metal.

Ground Balance: The Bounty Hunter DISC11 ground-balancing feature can detect the ground condition and automatically adjust it. It mainly informs about the ground condition in a searching operation.

Pinpoint Mode: The pinpoint mode is a definite target for the object. If your pinpoint mode setting is only for gold, the metal detector will work only for gold. It’s great to use.

3-Preset Modes: The 3 preset modes of operation of the Bounty Hunter DISC11 offers easy to turn on and go operation automatically.

Sensitivity: Under this setting, the small size of targeted gold comes in the sense of metal detector. So, by controlling the sensitivity mode, you can enhance your detecting work.

3-Segment Target ID: To save your time, the 3-segment ID system helps you to identify the underground objects. As a result, you can be sure about the nature of the metal. If it matches with your choice, then you can dig it.

4-Segment Visual Depth Indicator: It’s very interesting to let metal thing find a metal object. The feature of the Bounty Hunter DISC11 tells you exactly the depth of the buried object on an operation for metal objects goes on.

Discrimination Mode: This mode helps a user to eliminate the certain types of an object during a search operation. As a result, the noise of other unexpected objects is got off. So, the detecting work gets then enhancement as well.

Operating Frequency: 6.8 KHz

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty for defective materials and workmanship

The researched features, however, are the key to deciding to buy. So, all the aspects of functionalities are sound well that is enough for you. Now, it’s up to you. I just suggest you reading and reading the features until a complete decision come.


This is very difficult to find the right information for the right services you expect for our online netizen. By the way, you are lucky to meet us. Because we are committed to our traffic providing the ultimate solutions they required.

So, our day-long research is only for you to compare the products and their other features side by side. We think, at least our efforts will come to help you to take a cold decision. However, the above details about the top five best gold detectors will be helpful to select by you. And you people will be able to stand your side as every feature of the above metal detectors is suggested.

Things you Must Consider Before Start Metal Detecting

It doesn’t matter you are going to choose a metal detector as a hobby or want to be a pro in this industry. I would suggest choosing your metal detector with incentive care. As per my opinion, the best metal detector is the one that fits your needs. It all depends on the budget, requirements and the place where you want to go to locate metals. It is not necessarily an expensive metal detector will meet your needs, you may get all even at a low budget metal detector.

Ask the following questions to yourself before you buy a metal detector:

What do you want to find out? Define Your priorities of metal types like you are interested in coins, jewelry, antiques, gold, relics or artifacts.

Where you are going to do your search? It depends on the location where you want to locate metals as you may go to parks, fairgrounds, beaches, underwater or in mountains.

How Often Will You be Detecting? Analyze the use of a metal detector, would you like to use it only to enjoy your weekends or want to become a professional.

What is your experience to use metal detectors? Is it your first your first-time that you are using a metal detected or you have used it before.

What is your budget to buy a metal detector? There are several quality and types of metal detector available on the market so you need to determine what is your budget to pay for it.

Extra Tip: If you are serious to choose the perfect metal detector, you can go with the detecting device by OKM that can even detect things under 80 feet. However, it is expensive somehow. If you want to find gold Nokta Golden King would be a good choice that helps you to find targets up to 8-meter depth. If you are thinking to go for a search underwater, Kellyco can be a wise choice for you.

Metal Detecting Tips for Beginners

This basic bug very important tips will defiantly to find metals like a pro.

Do a Test Searching

To know is your detecting machine is working properly or not, you can do a test search at your backyard or loan. For the test grab some coins or jewelry and hide them at various places at different depths. Now do a test search at different sensitivity and discrimination levels. Paly with controls and check the tones are working properly, and the LCD is showing the matched results with tones.

Search for the Possible Locations

Choose the right place is the best choice to go for metal detecting. It saves time and effort. A proper research on the internet or asking experts is a wise choice before you go for detecting? You will be very lucky if you managed to find the desired metals with little research.

How to Move Your Detecting Machine

To find the target quickly it’s all about moving your metal detector properly. There’s the popular saying “Low and Slow” will help you to understand the proper movement of your metal detector. It will be great if you keep the coil closer to the ground (without touching the ground) and move it slowly to let it do its work to process what’s the inside.

Must have Right tools

When you get signals of your targeted metal, you must have the proper equipment to start digging. All of your gears will help you to enjoy treasure hunting. Your equipment must be compatible with a location where you are searching.

Don’t accept a miracle

Even after searching at the perfect location and having an expensive metal detector it is not necessary you will find the desired metals at first attempt. You have to be patient and positive but stay motivated that you will find things that you are looking for. To be calm read the history of a place or watch YouTube videos to know what others have found at the same location.


Don’t forget to keep in mind the metal detecting safety tips. Like always start detecting in the morning and finish it before sunset. However, the above metal detector buying tips and metal detecting tips will help you to get the things done with perfection.

How to Choose a Metal Detector? Complete Guide for You!

If you are the one who is just getting started with treasure hunting, this guide about how to choose a metal detector is for you. Here you will know the core features of a metal detector before choosing. The newbies require not only a metal detector but also need a bag, shovel and some other equipment for their discoveries.

When it comes to an expert advice, you should be very careful while consulting from an expert and let them know all your requirements, so that they will be able to give you the best suggestion. It is not necessary that every best or expensive metal detector will fit your needs and is an ideal choice for you.

You need a metal detector that can fulfill your requirements, for this you need to do your research and consider the below-given points when searching for your first ever metal detector.

Frequency of Use

How to Choose a Metal Detector? Complete Guide for You! 2

When choosing your metal detector, you need to know how much you can use it. If you are going to pick a metal detector only for weekends treasure hunting, so you don’t need to go with an expensive model. You can pick a mid-range metal detector. On the other hands, if you are getting into the professional metal detecting and would use your metal detector on a daily basis, you might have to do in depth research on an expensive model with ultra-features.

When choosing your metal detector, you need to know how much you can use it. If you are going to pick a metal detector only for weekends treasure hunting, so you don’t need to go with an expensive model. You can pick a mid-range metal detector. On the other hands, if you are getting into the professional metal detecting and would use your metal detector on a daily basis, you might have to do in depth research on an expensive model with ultra-features.

Upgrade Know-How

Possibly you had a hobby in metal detectors. However, it later died off. Because then, metal detector era has passed through something of a revolution. If one walks into a hobbyist’s save without proper expertise, they might be bought a relic. One needs to conduct a good deal research as viable; as a result, they understand they’re getting the nice deal viable. Facts at the state-of-the-art improvements are without difficulty to be had at the net. Every year, a person or the discovers a way to make the detectors extra accurate. Via doing an easy survey, the first-rate functions will right now grow to be apparent.

The Type of Users

How to Choose a Metal Detector? Complete Guide for You! 3

Before choosing your metal detector, you have to determine what type of user you are. If you would be thinking to use your metal detector for a family trip, you might have to purchase an adjustable metal detector. It lets your children and other family members help you in a metal detector and enjoy the trip. For easy metal detecting a metal detector must fit your height, so that you will be able to do more focused hunting.

The Level of Experience

Metal detecting is like riding a motorbike. In the starts, you need an instructor on before your take your first drive with your metal detectors. For each degree of enjoyment, there’s a metal detector to be had. But, the more simplified and complicated the detector is, the extra steeply-priced it will be. If one feels that they are skilled sufficient, there is no need for getting a specialized detector that is so simplified.

The Location of Use

When it comes to choosing an ideal detecting machine that gives you the real joy of metal detecting, the ground balancing is an important thing. Most of the detectors usually designed depending on the place where these will be used. If you are a seasonal detector, you have to choose a machine that can detect in different places. However, being professional in this field you can pick different detectors for different locations like beach, rocks, plane or forests.

What You are Looking For

Most of the times individuals who purchase metal detectors have unique knowledge about a certain treasure. Relying on the composition of the treasure, there are detectors which are designed especially for this task. However, they may now not work well for other tasks.

Like as, if one is operating on clearing land mines, there may need cautious approximately the form of detector purchased. Some detectors cannot detect the metallic composition in mines. A wrong purchase could see one strolling around a place for months without any success. It is critical that one explains how precisely they plan to apply the steel detector. On this matter, the seller can prove to be beneficial.

Final Thoughts

No doubt metal detecting is a good craft, but it all depends on the choice of your machine. So, above points will help you to find a right metal detector that fits your needs. The online market is very competitive regarding pricing, so you need to be very careful about the prices if you are choosing your first ever metal detector. All that is required to make a great purchase is a bit of research and patience.

Are Metal Detectors Safe During Pregnancy?

Adventure for traveling and metal detecting being pregnant isn’t always encouraged, however in a few conditions it can be essential. Every pregnant lady gets worried with cause while she has to pass through steel detectors at any airport.

In keeping with fitness Physics Society, stroll through metal detectors on airports or other public places deliver off non-ionizing radiation. Therefore, long term publicity to those will not boom any hazard of start disorder in addition to miscarriage.

The fact is that metallic detectors located on airports use a low-frequency electromagnetic field, and their leading cause is searching for guns. Even household home equipment that we’ve got in our houses produce a few types of electromagnetic subject, so exposure of pregnant ladies to such sources of radiation, together with wands that maximum of the security personnel uses to experiment, passengers, is taken into consideration safe.

Quite a few people count on that stroll via metal detectors in airports use X-ray to detect metals, but they don’t. From the alternative aspect, X-ray test is used for baggage experiment, and the radiation they emit has the equal strength as dental X-ray used in dentist’s workplaces. Those detector gadgets used for luggage scanning are secure for those who paintings with it as they may be protected against employees.

There are one-of-a-kind styles of metal detectors set up in US airports. Both sorts of sensors are used to come across items that are probably hidden underneath the clothes. This type of indicators raised fitness concerns as it makes use of low scanning, and the other one is less arguable though because it works at the concepts of electromagnetic waves.

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However, TSA (Transportation protection administration) claims that the backscatter machines that use little scanning aren’t risky and that they don’t represent any danger for pregnant girls. From the other fact, medical experts need to understand whether the ones walk-through metal detectors were tested very well sufficient.

The question is what could take place if those metal detectors would forestall to work nicely. Could they emit more radiation without all people noticing that trouble? For this reason, several passengers, along with pregnant women opt for a pat-down search instead, which is tons safer.

The radiation of walk-thru metal detectors is in maximum situations considered secure, and even unintentional publicity to rays in bags handlers will not purpose any harm. Additionally, seeing that a variety of humans shipping baby meals and other vital gadgets along with medication, in their handbags, there are no long-time outcomes on their exposure to metal detectors.

Ionizing radiation can growth the dangers of congenital disabilities and miscarriage, however, the maximum of the metallic detectors use non-ionizing radiation or some that use gives off a much lower stage of radiation. Radiation is measured in crimson, ROENTGEN or REM units. In global equal, these gadgets are SIEVERT or gray. Pronouncing this, pregnant girls shouldn’t be exposed to greater than zero. Five REM all through their whole being pregnant, or zero.05 REM in line with the month.

For example, a three-hour round flight can exposure a pregnant female to zero.0.5 REM and on the same time the general impact of a walk though metallic detector, in that case, can be negligible.

Are Metal Detectors Safe During Pregnancy? 4
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In the end, walk thru metal detectors cannot harm a pregnant woman and its fetus. However, it is recommended that ladies, who are working with such and comparable equipment very regularly, be prudent. Staying away from such gadgets as much as possible is beneficial to every body´s health. There are as properly badges that may be worn on a shirt that measures the radiation levels, which is usually recommended to human beings which can be worried about long-term radiation publicity.

Metal Detecting and Pregnancy

Okay, that was about the walk-thru metal detectors, now let’s move to the other metal detecting, as above we have concluded that the walk thru metal detectors are not harmful to a pregnant woman, in the same way, the metal dating using our reviewed metal detectors won’t be detrimental to them.

The women who want to detect metals during pregnancy time they can spend some of their time in this activity, however, they must be careful about the following things.

Tips for Metal Detecting During Pregnancy

  • Do not go at the places that hard to climb
  • Do not spend much time walking from one to another place
  • Must take some rest during the metal detecting
  • Do not do excessive metal detecting
  • Bring someone with you to get help from them for digging and perform other hard tasks