QSI Quick Silver Review

bounty hunter quick silver reviewsIf you are the going for hunting for the first time, then, this Bounty Hunter Quick Silver review that is going to help you to get your desired metal detector. It could be that the workout is one of your interests. Otherwise, you do it as a sport. Your number one goal is to find misplaced metal items or treasured metals like gold, silver or you want to accumulate cash.

A suitable metallic detector ought to be reliable, durable, easy to use and green. I have formerly bitten my nails; considering the high-quality such product. It is through my research that I came across the Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver Metal Detector that I determined to purchase it.

A Four-Section Virtual Target Identity

That streamlines the work out of figuring out the presence of metals. Similarly, to focus character, the metal sensor has three-tone discrimination remarks that identify the form of metal that has been found. That saves much time and forestalls in any case and careless digging for your garden.

Visible LCD Repute Display

There is nothing as calming as the use of a display screen that is easy to read. The Bounty Hunter QSI offers you simply that. With this screen, you may study out the intensity of a treasured metal buried within the ground. That provides your perception on in which to start digging to excavate the hidden treasure.

8-Inches Waterproof Search Coil

This detector has a seek coil this is reliable and durable. The water-resistant coil may be used in damp locations together with wet grass and sand. Additionally, it is entirely submersible in water without causing versions inside the vicinity detection. The hunt coil helps you to hit the region of buried metals. This place reflects on the LCD monitor. The search coil is made in one of this manner that it lasts.

That makes your detector be a reliable supply of a laugh and value and for a long term. You can’t constantly wait to jump up and very own after locating that missing ring. Nor will you fail to smile while you reveal those cash that has stayed underground for long intervals.

Automated Ground Stability

Bounty Hunter QSI Quick SilverThe detector is equipped with a squelch- tech ground balance. That enables it to keep away from false detections. You can without difficulty differentiate between what you want to excavate and that that you do not want. Also, it neutralizes the responses to soil mineral content material. Thus, making an allowance for deeper detection.

In a bid to growth guide, the detector has a Bounty Detector stand that protects it from damage in case it is positioned on the ground. The QSI has an adjustable peak. The height may be decreased to fit your 6th-grade kid. A padded armrest that makes its usage amusing.


With these, the detector is extraordinarily easy to use. The detector has the following modes of operation; the all-steel motion detection, the variable notch detection and the progressive discrimination. This makes it smooth for one to sift through unwanted objects and the exceptionally-sought-for valuable metals.

Simply next to the LCD screen, there may be an elite intensity manage that ensures that the file on the power of detection is accurate. The sensor has a frequency of 7 kHz, and that offers an excessive degree of performance someone who enjoys searching out treasures like you.


  • Touch Pad Control Interface
  • Preset Ground Balance
  • Manual Discrimination, 3 Tones
  • 6.6 kHz Transmission Frequency
  • 1/4″ Headphone Jack
  • Digital Depth Graph
  • Open 8″ Concentric Search Coil


  • The LCD screen is effortlessly readable from various distances.
  • The detector is simple to bring together and consequently clean to use.
  • The product additionally



  • The detector isn’t capable of coping with soils with high mineral content. It could best hit upon metals as much as an intensity of 4 inches.

Quick Silver Bounty Hunter: Basic Operations Tutorial


As you could see, the Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver Detector is an item worth your money. With advanced capabilities, fantastic accuracy and high performance, this tool have exceeded the performance of its competitive models.

For each starting fortune hunters and extra experienced ones, this detector gives many advantages, which include the reasonable rate, sturdiness and flexibility. if you had been looking for an appropriate steel detector, opt for the QSI short Silver and you may no longer be disillusioned.


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