TIMERANGER Metal Detector Review

TIMERANGER Metal Detector ReviewThis metal detector is one of the most used and favorite devices of professionals. If you are a teaser hunter and looking for a metal detector that helps you detecting whatever you are looking for. The bounty hunter time ranger comes for your processes in collecting the smithereens of gem they are wrinkled to collect.

This is going to be one of your reliable metal detectors in your collection that comes with several great features. There are many user-friendly features are the part of this device that is perfect for the experienced activities. I have seen several reviews on the amazon.com of this metal detector and saw a lot of positive user feedback about this. I have written on several metal detectors but found this a worthy machine for the beginners as well as professionals.

Salient Features

You might have read different reviews, but this metal detector is different because of the following functions:

Different Modes

This metal detector comes with the sniff mode that helps you to avoid trash and focus on your desired things. This feature is helpful for the new hunters to avoid useless digging. It also lets you know how deep the metal is hidden. You can switch the modes to know the proper metal detector and keep you updated about your metal detecting activities.

Advanced in Detection

This is a highly sensitive metal detector that can detect any metals that are hidden in-depth. There’s a large LCD is the part of this bounty hunter time ranger that helps you in quick target identification. The LCD will show information with the numbers from 1 to 299 so you can easily detect your desired metal and the headphone speakers can confirm with the particular tone and let you know about the exposed metals.
Best Beginner Metal Detector

Depth Detector

You don’t need to waste time to catch at a single place with different metals detectors. The Bounty Hunter TIMERANGER Metal Detector is an ideal choice to find the in-depth metals. This metal detector has the capability to detect coins near about 11 inches.

Discover all Kinds of Metals

Sometimes we have to use different metal detectors to find different metals. However, Time Ranger is specifically designed to detect all kinds of metals. So, you will not need to buy different devices as you will have all in one. There’s no programming required to find out different metals.

Multifunction LCD

The Bounty Hunter TIMERANGER Time is loaded with an entirely designed LCD. You can use the multi-function LCD to get various aspects information like battery level, ground balance and level discrimination along with the target ID.

Bounty Hunter Time RangerFully Programmable Touchpad

This is a fully programmed metal detector that gives you full opportunity to control it as per your requirements. You can control all functions with the natural to use the touchpad. The sniff mode is great to find out your desired metal detectors. The fully programmed touchpad can be set as per your specific requirements.


  • Offers high accuracy
  • You can detect gold
  • Big size LCD show maximum information
  • No need to get professional training to operate


  • It is a professional metal detector, and you will need some time to get used to the product.

Bounty Hunter Time Ranger – Unboxing and Testing Review!


I guess this metal detector is an ultimate choice. If you have a tight budget but want a perfect detecting machine. This indicator helps you to find any metals including gold, so you will not need to buy different sensors and save money. With the several great features, it is available at a very reasonable price that you will pay. No matter you are new to the metal detecting industry or a professional this is going to be a worthy choice for you.


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