Fisher Gold Bug Pro Review

Fisher Gold Bug ProFisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector was initially released in 2010, but even after six years, it is still in production. This is one of the reasons that urges me to write a review on this metal detector. You will find this detector one of the easiest tools to find your desired metals. The model is specifically made with the Teknetics G2 technology. This technology has a different rod and assembly process which is different from the standard 11″ elliptical DD coil.

The Gold Bug Pro comes in three different versions:

  • A 5″ round DD coil
  • A 7″ x 11″ elliptical DD coil
  • A 13″ Ultimate DD Coil

Get the Gold Bug Fever

If you are the enthusiast to discover the gold this metal detector will be your ideal choice. This metal detector is specifically designed to locate the smallest pieces of gold even under the highly-mineralized soils. I am sure this will be a wise choice to experience the evolution of metal detecting.

Discover Tiny Nuggets

Using this metal detector allows you to detect gold at old grounds. The Fisher Gold Bug Pro has the punch down design to locate the metals at difficult places. There’s a prison LCD that gives you perfect results to point the targets perfectly. The higher frequency makes the perfect finding even of the smallest nuggets.

Best for Gold Finding

If you are looking to find the gold, this is going to be a perfect choice. This metal detector helps you to become a treasure hunter with ease. The big size LCD show you the exact results and help you consider the target. The metal detector weighs only 2.5-pounds and is easy to carry for a long period. If you are the new user and want to locate gold with ease, this is an excellent choice. This is also perfect for the people who have a lower fitness level.

Latest Technology

Fisher Gold Bug ProFisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector’s coil is made with the 11 DD Bi-Axial technology. This latest technology gave this detector ability to detect from the different parameters. The krona battery is being used for the power supply that gives it maximum backup to use it for a long time. The adjustable shaft can be set between 105cm to 130cm.


  • Very subtle to smaller nuggets
  • Easy function that makes it use a fun
  • Strong coil design removes the essential for a coil shelter
  • Fast and accurate target recovery speed even at difficult and hard surfaces
  • High sensitivity to the low conductors that help to find elusive gold items
  • Balanced and lightweight machine can be used for several hours
  • Remarkably quick ground complementary feature
  • Greater audio data with usage of headphones


  • The deducting system which is V-Break works with perfection
  • Lightweight and very nice looking device
  • Very fast and for gold hunting
  • Remarkably good on low conductors
  • The sensitivity to high leading metals is very decent
  • The sensor responds to tiny gold nuggets with ease
  • AM mode is perfect as the gold prospecting mode


  • Detector misplaces its locations when twisted off
  • The board ID in AM is the whole thing only to a partial depth
  • Altering from recording to AM needs rotating a knob

Metal Detecting: Fisher Gold Bug Review and Testing


The Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector is perfect for gold prospecting. However, if you are looking for other metals, this won’t be the perfect choice because it is specially made for gold detection. The metal detector comes with the great ground balancing and adjustment options to detect gold even at critical places.

If you are just starting metal detecting as the hobby but your target is gold this metal detector will be a supreme pick. This metal detector is fall in mid-range price machines, so don’t need the higher budget to buy this detector.



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