Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector Review

Waterproof Pinpointing Metal DetectorIf you are in search of a handy metal detector that fits your all needs and helps you in-depth searching, your search may end here. I choose this as the first waterproof metal detector reviews because has several great features that help underwater searching up to 10 feet. The 11.5KHz frequency is incredibly perfect to search for underwater metals.

I am sure this is going to be your treasure metal detector. The Garrett Pro-Pointer AT is the best pinpoint treasure metal detector to confirm that you have detected your desired metal. This metal detector is loaded with the submersible features that help you in finding 10 feet metals as the button comes with the power options. You can easily adjust the sensitivity of the metal detector. You can set it on silent vibration mode or the beep.

The automatic control feature makes its use comfortable that help you easily locate desired targets. This metal detector is small in size, so it is easy to carry anywhere and don’t require special bags to carry as you can carry it in any bag. I have found Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Pin-Pointer metal detector a time-saving device for the treasure hunters.

Salient Features

You can find several great features in Pro-Pointer that usually available inexpensive machines. Here’s what features make this metal detector different from others:

Best for The Beginners and Professionals

Garrett 1140900 Pro PointerThey’re advanced yet simple options to understand the use of this metal detector. This metal detector is going be an ideal choice for the people who don’t have enough knowledge about detecting industry. If you have just started or want to buy a metal detector just for the hobby, this device will be an ideal choice.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

No there’s no need to carry other weighed metal detectors because Pro-Pointer is very lightweight and easy to use. If you are not an expert, you will easily familiarize about the use Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector by reading its manual book.

Advanced Microchip Circuit

Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector comes with the powerful microchip computer circulate. This feature makes this device different from others which are one of the patent technology by the company which and not available in another metal detector under this lowest price. This feature enhances the performance of this sensor. This advanced microchip helps you to avoid junks even in mud and water.

Comfortable to Use

Using its ultra-slow and ultra-fast search system, you can identify the in-depth metals. The Pro-Pointer Metal Detector will detect your desired metals with tremors accurate. This model comes with the automatic ground control options along with the discrimination mode. The three different tones help you the targets with audio identification. The discriminate control allows you to select either notch or auto notch modes.

detector Garrett

Comes with 3 Different Sensitivity Settings

This metal detector is one of the best handheld a device, which has a perfect combination of the underwater metal detector. This metal detector is a perfect tool to find your target faster. There are three sensitivity settings allows you to set it as per your requirements.

Salient Features

  • Setting or tapers your detection field for precise pinpointing of superior targets
  • Single key process for Power, Rearrange, Compassion change (3 levels)
  • Silent Mode (vibration only)
  • LED penlight for little light uses
  • Lost Pinpointer Alarm
  • Involuntary Power-Off feature
  • Comprises lanyard add-on loop, girdle holster, and 9V battery
  • Original relative audio and rasp blade to sift through soil


  • Detects Coin-size Objects Up To 10 Feet Deep
  • Can detect metals under-water
  • Beep and Silent Mode
  • Waterproof Search system
  • Eliminate false signals


  • Consume more battery
  • Very small in size
  • Weight


This is a great pinpointer to use with the Garrett Ace 150 I reviewed, a metal detector that I enjoyed writing about. If you look back and compare this analysis with other metal detectors, you will also find this a perfect device under a small budget. As you have read the review, there are several things that impressive to buy this product.

However, the advanced microchip circuit is the one that you cannot avoid to consider even at this low price. The lightweight features of Pro-Pointer Metal Detector make it easy to use, and a bag helps you to carry it anywhere with ease.


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