How do Metal Detector Detects Aluminum?

Any invention of a thing or any title of a book is any way related to the nature of that thing or the nature of that thought of the book. This is not unlike for the metal detector. As the word metal detector starts with ‘metal,’ so, it definitely will incorporate with the metallic objects. But, now the question argues with the word ‘aluminum.’

Is aluminum a metal? If so, do metal detector detect aluminum. However, before going to let a metal detector detect aluminum, we will go through an identification of what type of metal the aluminum is. Then we will get our instant answer about the type of aluminum.

The Apparent Types of Metal

There are different types of metallic objects scattered earthed-unearthed around us. Some of them are well known to us, and some are not. Now we will classify them in three different categories for transparent concepts about the metal.

1Ferrous Metal

How do Metal Detector Detects Aluminum? 1

Ferrous metal is a type of metal that can attract to a magnet or magnetic objects face to face. Iron and steel are ferrous metal. Because the both attract to a magnet easily. In the open air, these types of metals catch rust due to a closure exposition to air and water. The ferrous metal is an easily detectable metal.

2Non-ferrous Metal

How do Metal Detector Detects Aluminum? 2

Nonferrous metal is different types of metal. It does not directly contact with a magnet or magnetic objects. Its conductivity sensitiveness is 50{709eab3ad97827f4a539d00afd5c133be8f231814960fe3c01aced331caba38a} less than ferrous metal. So, it is a bit difficult to detect the non-ferrous metal like ferrous metal. Aluminum, lead, copper, manganese, and brass are the group member of non-ferrous metal. So, they do not come fully to contact a magnet. This is why it is very difficult to detect them during a searching operation.

3Stainless Steel

How do Metal Detector Detects Aluminum? 3

This is the third most undetectable metal among others. Because it has a very poor quality of electrical conductivity to the magnet. The stainless steel is a metal with very low magnetic permeability. A sphere of a stainless steel should be 50{709eab3ad97827f4a539d00afd5c133be8f231814960fe3c01aced331caba38a} larger than that of a ferrous one to reach same signal force on a metal detector.

What is Aluminum?

The aluminum is a kind of alloy. And an alloy is formed with more than one combined compounds. So, the aluminum’s form is with alum, such as potassium aluminum sulfate and aluminum oxides. There is a wide variety of use of aluminum in products. Such as utensils, can, foils, airplanes, rockets and much more.

What is the Electric Conductivity through Aluminum?

We know that the metal detector identifies the metallic object through producing electromagnetic field over the searching metal or metallic objects. So, for the aluminum, we should know the electric conductivity range if we run a detecting operation for aluminum. Let’s see the table of metal and their electric conductivity.

Table of Metals and Their Electro-Magnetic Conductivity

Name of Metals

{709eab3ad97827f4a539d00afd5c133be8f231814960fe3c01aced331caba38a} ofConductivity

Pure Silver105{709eab3ad97827f4a539d00afd5c133be8f231814960fe3c01aced331caba38a}
Pure gold70{709eab3ad97827f4a539d00afd5c133be8f231814960fe3c01aced331caba38a}
Pure iron17{709eab3ad97827f4a539d00afd5c133be8f231814960fe3c01aced331caba38a}

However, we can see the electric conductivity of the aluminum is pretty good. So, we can easily do metal detector detect aluminum.

How a Metal Detector Detect Aluminum?

We have already discussed the basic parts of a metal detector. In a searching operation, every part of a metal detector works individually. So, for an instant basic knowledge on the metal detector, I’m just highlighting the most important part of a metal detector.

How do Metal Detector Detects Aluminum? 4

Search Coil

Search coil is a very important part of a metal detector. It has two parts-transmitter coils and receiver coil. When a metal detector is run, then electricity flows through the transmitter coil. And instantly a magnetic field is created all around the searching area. In the meantime, you have to sweep your searching coil back and forth in search for a metal object. If any metallic object like aluminum is detected, then the receiver coil take an electromagnetic signal back. After confirming the searching metal, then the receiver coil sends the information to an audio device. As a result, the operator can come to know about the object found.

Control Box

This is the nervous system of a metal detector. The whole operation is guided by the control box. When a metallic object found, then the control box maintains whole the process of sending the information to the operator through a receiver coil. It also maintains the display unit. Because the display unit helps to show every aspect of the metal found during a searching project for metal.

Audio System

To get informed about the whole detection result, the sound system used. Using the audio sound, an operator can easily confirm about the detecting metal. If the metal detector detects any aluminum, then the audio voice confirms it with giving the right information about the aspect of the metal like aluminum.

As we see the electromagnetic conductivity is pretty good for aluminum, so, the metal detector can easily detect the aluminum. Like the other metal, electricity flows through the transmitter and creates an electromagnetic field around. And then the receiver coil receives an electric signal from the aluminum object. So, this way a metal detector detects the aluminum and any other metallic objects according to the operators’ requirement.


In our daily life, we use the metal detector for particular types of necessity. So, we use the metal detector in many ways like to find our lost metallic things. The aluminum things are not out of the subject that it will not lose. So, to facilitate with the aluminum object, the manufacturers are making an all-around metal detector for all types of metallic objects. As a result, our lifestyle is getting rich with the modern invention of science.

So, if you are an all through metal hunter, you can choose a metal detector with the feature of ‘All modes”. Because it will help you to detect all the metal along with aluminum. So, do metal detector detect aluminum and enjoy the detection you like.


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