Nokta Makro Racer 2 Review

Makro Racer 2 Review

The Makro Racer 2 is a well built, mid-range metal detector designed to locate coins, relics, and other forms of treasures. The Racer 2 employs cutting-edge technology and creative sensitivity ...

White’s Spectra V3i Review

White's Spectra V3i Review

White's Spectra V3i was launched in 2009 and was phased out in 2020. White's Spectra Vision, or simply White's Vision, was the original name for the V3i. Both the original Vision and ...

Fisher F44 Review

Fisher F44 Review

The Fisher F44 is the newest entry-level detector in the Fisher line. It was created and intended for use on land, and it performs admirably in that setting, but it was not created for use on ...

Teknetics T2 Review

Teknetics T2 review

The Teknetics T2 was released in 2006 and is still available. It was the first large project published by First Texas (Teknetics' parent company) after the company hired renowned engineer Dave ...

White’s MX Sport Review

White's MX Sport Review

White's is recognized internationally as the leader in metal detection equipment, and the MX Sport is one of this brand's most coveted designs. With a solidly mid-range MSRP, the MX Sport isn't ...

Garrett AT Gold Review

Garrett at gold metal detector review

The Garrett AT Gold, as its name would suggest, is specifically made for finding gold. In fact, it's so good at it that it made our list of the best metal detectors for gold. That's it, that's all ...

Fisher F22 Review

Fisher F22 Review

Weighing just 2.3 pounds, the Fisher F22 metal detector is a mid-range option for metal hunters of all ages and skill levels. You can remove it from the box, flip it on and head off on your next ...

TIMERANGER Metal Detector Review

Bounty hunter time ranger

This metal detector is one of the most used and favorite devices of professionals. If you are a teaser hunter and looking for a metal detector that helps you detecting whatever you are looking for. ...

QSI Quick Silver Review

bounty hunter quick silver reviews

If you are the going for hunting for the first time, then, this Bounty Hunter Quick Silver review that is going to help you to get your desired metal detector. It could be that the workout is one of ...

Fisher F75 Metal Detector Review

Fisher F75 Metal Detector Review

Before I start the Fisher F75 Metal Detector review, I would like to share one of the great features that urge me to write a review on it. I am really in love with its curvy shaft style that is not ...

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