Top 5 Metal Detector for Gold Nuggets 2019

Get the meaning of your life with a metal detector in leisure time!

Best Metal Detector for GoldWe all people are anyway naturally bonding to our livelihood. But we get released once from the screwed responsibilities with a long sigh of relief. It’s freedom. It’s a leisure time for life.

So, to turn your leisure time into some golden hours, stay with us; stay with some metal detectors of entertainment that will give you the full meaning of the rest of your life. The secret I say is the best metal detector for gold.

Top 5 Best Metal Detector for Gold: 5 Great Choice

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What’s the Best Metal Detector for Finding Gold?

Like fishing, traveling, gardening etc., finding gold with a nice metal detector is also a decent hobby to some people across the world. It’s a very interesting and time worthy.

So, you have the full amusement when to let detect gold with an ideal metal detector you choose. There are different brands and types of metal detectors available. But for you, I am naming some of them are credible and work well according to my day-long research and efforts to collect reviews on the issues.

They are very much perfect to locate the gold nuggets with a keen sensitivity and other settings. Below are the recorded as the best selling metal detectors worldwide.

1. Fisher Gold Bug-2 – With 6 1/2″ Elliptical Search Coil

Fisher Gold Bug-2For gold nuggets, Fisher Gold Bug 2 is the most popular of the metal detector lovers. That the features lead this device to a front line of the best metal detectors, are fully functional and have fruitfulness in a detecting operation for gold.

So, you should know about all the features and settings of the metal detector first. Let’s go…

Feature & Specification

Extraordinary Sensitivity: On a searching operation in a high mineralized ground, the extraordinary sensitivity of the Fisher Gold Bug 2 detect gold easily. We know that the thick mineralized soil contains various types of elements inside.

So, to pinpoint a gold nugget, the multi-element soil condition becomes an impact to detect the target. But the Fisher Gold Bug 2 can cheat all of the problems regarding its high-frequency sensitivity. It’s good for a device.

Ultra Frequency: The highest frequency of the detector can easily detect the target ID. It hardly misses the target you set. It has a powerful 71 KHz operating frequency that can sense to very small gold nuggets.

Audio Signal: The audio signal of the Fisher Gold Bug 2 is great. It transmits the information of the metal types when the search coil confirms the target of metallic objects.

Dust & Moisture Resistance: The device is free from the attack of dust and moisture. It doesn’t catch rust even being left after use. It’s long-lasting.

Region: USA

According to the above review on the device, I can recommend you that choose it your own when you have already read out all the features. And I have just drawn some specifications helpful to you as well. So, the rest is left on you.

2. White’s Goldmaster GMT

White's Goldmaster GMTWhite GMT is very famous for gold miners around the world. The gold nuggets finder can skip the harsh ground during a search operation for gold. So, it can easily target the small and large gold nuggets or coins.

Otherwise, the extraordinary features make the detector popular and in the bestselling record. Being the best metal detector under $300 the features are as follow.

Feature & Specification

High Frequency: The high-frequency metal detector smells the gold nuggets in a less effort with its multi-functionalities. The search coils and its frequency are very functional to detect the target for gold nuggets.

Iron Analyzing Setting: In an iron analyzing setting, an operator can quickly reject the metal ground. As a result, it becomes the gold detection works easier. The digital microprocessor automatically tracks the mineralization and eliminates it.

Search Coil: White GMT contains a waterproof search coil. So, you can use the metal detector underwater.

Display Unit: The display unit of the metal detector shows the number of magnetic minerals in Moreover, it shows the percentage probability of iron. So, this is a helpful feature for gold detection.

Auto Ground Balance: White GMT has an automatic ground balance that can detect the targeted object automatically. The feature is very useful to detect the target easily.

Frequency: Operating Frequency 48 KHz

Weight: 3 lbs

Region: USA

However, every feature of the best gold detector is operational and helpful for users. So, for targeting the gold nuggets, this device may be the best one for anyone. The user-friendly metal detector will come in success if it is handled in skilled hands.

Because all the features are highlighted only for prospecting the gold nuggets. So, it is good for gold hunting. No doubt, one can easily go with it.

3. Garrett 1140680 AT Gold Metal Detector

Garrett 1140680 AT Gold Metal DetectorThis is also the best metal detector for gold. If you are very much interested in hunting the gold nuggets, this detector is, however, will be perfect for you.

Because It has some outstanding features and options that meet all the demand a gold hunter needs. The waterproof search coil will give you a complete taste of detecting the gold as a whole. The mentionable features and details will help you to understand all about the metal detector.

Feature & Specification

Search Coil: The submersible waterproof search coil helps you to detect gold under water. As a result, you have a two-way searching opportunity. It’s very popular with gold enthusiasts.

MasterSound Headphone: Garrett master sound headphone works well when a detection is successful in getting gold in operation. If gold is detected, you can hear it through an audio sound system. So, Garrett is great to hear.

All in One: Not only for gold nuggets, but the Garret can also deal with the others metal like a coin, jewelry, relic, etc. So, this is a cost-effective and versatile that you must like it.

Operating Frequency: It’s operating frequency is 18KHz that detects small size gold nuggets, coins, and jewelry.

Mode: Before using this device, you can control the setting for all metals. It quite depends upon you in how the way you want your detector to search objects.

Besides the very basic features for metal detectors, above are specialized and most privileged. So, the detailed features hint the device to be great at work. However, I recommend you take your side according to the features that are helpful to find gold nuggets.

4. Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal DetectorThe Fisher Gold Bug Pro is the choice for prospecting the gold nuggets. Its every feature and setting is very popular for the metal detecting workers.

It gives a successful operation result on a targeted object, especially for gold nuggets. The main features are-

Feature & Specification

Search Coil: The search coils are very sensitive. The small DD search coils can pinpoint the target easily. As a result, the time of the detecting for objects is saved.

Ground Balancing: The setting tells you how deeper you want to target your metal detector to find objects underground. You can control the ground balance using this setting.

Ground Condition Reader: During a search for gold, every after some time it informs the condition of the ground. As a result, the operator of a metal detector can decide about the detecting condition of the metal objects.

Depth Indicator: This setting tells about the depth of the target ID. So, the operator can understand the distance of the target.

Audio: V.C.O audio helps an operator to detail about the object on the way to find gold nuggets.

Graphic Indicator: The graphic indicates the amount of mineralization during a detecting work going on.

Weight: 2.5-lbs

Made in: The USA

The features of the metal detector are obviously excellent. For new or old users, it clearly depicts all the privileges it has. So, you can take your decision without any hindrance. Because everything is clear as a mirror. I think the details will be helpful on the way to your choice you go.

5. Bounty Hunter DISC11 Discovery 1100

Bounty Hunter DISC11 Discovery 1100To complete a challenging detecting operation for gold, Bounty Hunter DISC11 exceptionally comes in front of metal detector’s pool.

It can incorporate well with the high mineralized soils. So, it is good in use. There are more some features you can see below.

Feature & Specification

3-Tone Audio ID: During ongoing operation for metal, the 3-tone audio ID of the bounty hunter gives the different unique tones for different types of metal.

Ground Balance: The Bounty Hunter DISC11 ground-balancing feature can detect the ground condition and automatically adjust it. It mainly informs about the ground condition in a searching operation.

Pinpoint Mode: The pinpoint mode is a definite target for the object. If your pinpoint mode setting is only for gold, the metal detector will work only for gold. It’s great to use.

3-Preset Modes: The 3 preset modes of operation of the Bounty Hunter DISC11 offers easy to turn on and go operation automatically.

Sensitivity: Under this setting, the small size of targeted gold comes in the sense of metal detector. So, by controlling the sensitivity mode, you can enhance your detecting work.

3-Segment Target ID: To save your time, the 3-segment ID system helps you to identify the underground objects. As a result, you can be sure about the nature of the metal. If it matches with your choice, then you can dig it.

4-Segment Visual Depth Indicator: It’s very interesting to let metal thing find a metal object. The feature of the Bounty Hunter DISC11 tells you exactly the depth of the buried object on an operation for metal objects goes on.

Discrimination Mode: This mode helps a user to eliminate the certain types of an object during a search operation. As a result, the noise of other unexpected objects is got off. So, the detecting work gets then enhancement as well.

Operating Frequency: 6.8 KHz

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty for defective materials and workmanship

The researched features, however, are the key to deciding to buy. So, all the aspects of functionalities are sound well that is enough for you. Now, it’s up to you. I just suggest you reading and reading the features until a complete decision come.


This is very difficult to find the right information for the right services you expect for our online netizen. By the way, you are lucky to meet us. Because we are committed to our traffic providing the ultimate solutions they required.

So, our day-long research is only for you to compare the products and their other features side by side. We think, at least our efforts will come to help you to take a cold decision. However, the above details about the top five best gold detectors will be helpful to select by you. And you people will be able to stand your side as every feature of the above metal detectors is suggested.


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