Don’t Miss to Get the Best Metal Detector because of Low Budget

To use a metal detector can be your hobby or profession. But it can never be worse your choice for the best metal detector for the money. However, I guess, you are an avid hobbyist and love to hunt gold at beaches. So, you have to pass your valuable time with this electronic device as long as your searching operation is going on. Hence, you must have a comfortable and reliable device with you. For the best metal detector, you can't think otherwise. So, before taking an all through the perfect metal detector for the money, you have to dig into every feature and function well. Now we will look into the most useful features of an ideal metal detector for the money.

That Features of a Metal Detector get you Tuned in Your Searching Work

We know that each metal detector is having a variety type of features. And you have to know the application of every feature for a successful detection. So, for you, I'm giving the details of some features that will help you understand the right use of a metal detector.

Coil size the factor

The searching depth of a metal detector incorporates with the diameter of a search coil. The larger size searching coil produces a larger field of detection, while the small size of search coil creates a small field of detection. Sometimes, a larger size coil skips the smaller size of metal. So, small size coils are (6 inches or less) better for hunting small gold nuggets or metal like them. On the other hand, the medium size of coils (7 to 9inch) is the best for all-purpose detection. The larger size coils (9 inches or more) are used only for, the larger size of objects. Now think about your requirement is.

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Target Identification (ID)

The target ID tells about the detected objects found by the metal detector. It also informs the operator whether to dig or not. Most modern detectors can identify quarters, dimes, coppers, pennies, coins, pull-tabs, iron and nickel or things like that. So, this feature is very useful to target the right object you want to search. Otherwise, the target ID feature gives a visual signal of identified objects. It's nice. And you have to learn the application well.

Tone ID

There are some metal detectors in the market give different types of an audio signal according to the aspects of detected objects. Say, for example; It gives a low-pitched tone for iron, nickel or foil, etc., medium pitched-tone for screw or pull-tabs. And for the more valuable coins, gold, silver, etc. it gives a high pitched-tone. So, become familiar with the feature when to consider a metal detector for the money.

Battery indicator

Don’t Miss to Get the Best Metal Detector because of Low Budget 2

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An important and very essential feature to remember. Because the battery or electric charge is the soul for any other electronics device. For, most of the metal detector runs on a 9-volt alkaline batteries. So, this feature will help you to indicate the condition of the battery. Hence, you should be careful of having any battery indicator with the device you buy. And get ideas for application of the feature beforehand. Because low-life batteries may hamper your detecting process.

All metal modes

This is a feature is very important for a metal detector. In this mode, the different types of metal like iron, steel, aluminum, silver, brass, gold and copper are detected. This feature is very useful for hunting relics, gold, silver, and caches. It also provides nice depth detection capacity. Just take care of the feature when to buy a best metal detector for the money.

Full discrimination mode

A very much interesting feature of a metal detector. Because, the most unwanted trash items are automatically ignored by the feature. Here the full discrimination mode can only be managed to boost up the range of discrimination. This is also an ideal feature must have with a metal detector. So, remember it.

Tone discrimination mode

With setting this mode, the metal detector produces a unique dual-tone sound to automatically reject iron during a searching operation. As a result, the detecting operation is successful for treasures. It's more fascinating when this feature of a metal detector gives different types of sound for different types of objects it finds. Just check it in your manual with the metal detector. Because it will help you when you are through a targeted detection for a particular object in future.

Pinpoint mode

Pinpoint means the coincide with the search coil's range and the alignment of the detected object range. This mode allows the user of the metal detector to identify the target exactly and pick up the object easily. This mode is very perfect for this area are filled with the high concentrated trash items. So, the pinpoint mode helps to pinpoint the right target among other noisy stuff left beside. It's also good to know. You can buy it separately.

The frequency of the metal detector

The frequency is mainly related to the times and signals of a transmission and receiving process. It calculates into KHz. More details about frequencies- in a second, what KHz it can transmit or receive the signal produced by a metal detector. However, the lower frequencies are used for the most metal detectors. Because it provides good sensitivity to silver and copper. Otherwise, it's better for overall detection depth. On the other hand, higher frequency metal detectors are a bit more sensitive to a small size metal or natural gold and silver. Because the frequencies cannot distinguish the iron and other metals. So, they are used for gold prospecting work.

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However, we can now easily identify the best metal detector for the money. Because of the above feature details. So, it will be very easy to select a metal detector if you put your eyes carefully over the chart below.

Product Information

Product name



Features and details

Garret Ace 250

7.1 -lbs


Pinpoint, Search mode, Discrimination, Depth indicator, Battery indicator, Target ID, Display unit, Pinpoint mode and All metal mode

Fisher F2



4-tone audio ID, Sensitivity, Pinpoint, Depth indicator, Visual target ID, Search coil and Display unit

Bounty Hunter TK4


Bounty Hunter

All metal mode, Discrimination mode, 2-tone audio mode, Ground balancing and Notch control and Pinpoint mode

Garret Ace 150



Waterproof search coil, Headphone, Depth indicator, Pushbutton control, Target ID and LCD screen

Garret AT Pro



Target ID, Discrimination mode, Submersible search coil, Sensitivity mode, Pinpoint mode and Depth indicator

The ultimate judgment

I know finally you will be bound to leave me alone here. Because you have already got all the information about a metal detector and its useful features above. So, anyway, I want you buying a superb metal detector for you. And I also want you reading all the features of a metal detector before a final click to the cart. If you read through the above details, you will have some clear concepts about the product you are going to choose then and then. So, may your efforts go to be successful and fruitful with a cost-effective metal detector in the world of entertainment.



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